minimum wage in 2017 for Polish nurses

We have the upcoming Changes as an opportunity, an Interview with Gregor Szuba, the managing Director of the company Vilena – care home, to run and so first-Hand to know what Changes to the minimum wage starting in 2017 for nurses from Poland come into force.

We spoke with Gregor Szuba of Vilena, a provider of 24 hour Care in Berlin, generally on the employment of Eastern European care workers and, as a result of the new rules on the minimum wage.

Mindestlohn 2017 für polnische Pflegekräfte

Gregor Szuba of Vilena to the minimum wage of Polish nurses

What are the requirements to be a care power from Poland or another Eastern European country?

The importance of a private room for the Polish nurses. We must not forget that our Support workers can’t work around the clock and are allowed to but around 40 hours in the week. German minimum working conditions must however be respected. For example, there are two hours of free time daily.

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With whom it concludes a contract?

Our customers conclude a service contract with one of our strong cooperation partner from Eastern Europe. Our Agency, however, remains the first point of contact during the term of the contract. Noteworthy is the fact that our services are designed to contracts being extremely customer friendly. As the sole provider of the so-called 24-hour care, we have agreed upon the place of jurisdiction in Germany. This is for the majority of the customers is very important, because according to German law, the court of the place of residence of the customer always must be. Our notice period is 14 days. As care, trust, and social responsibility, are a shorter notice period is unacceptable.

On what legal basis, your Care workers work in Germany?

In the European Union, we have the freedom to provide services. Our partner companies in Eastern Europe, employ staff, provide services in Germany. Our forces are employed in the context of the posting, which means that all social security contributions there in order to be dissipated. The fact is always demonstrated with the so-called A-1 certificate.

What is the 24 hours care cost?

It is, unfortunately, still a private service, which must also be privately paid. The customer can, however, use the maintenance money and the cost of the tax as a household-related service discontinuation. Generally speaking, you must expect costs of about 2.000€. Cheaper offers are due to the minimum wage, legally not feasible. We offer our customers contain the fair rates in which all costs, including travel costs. Vilena nursing home & senior care collects no brokerage or annual fees. The customer do not bind, therefore, to us, because you know how long you need the care, whether they will be with us and our forces, satisfied, etc.

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How do you select your support powers?

Vilena works exclusively with audited organisations in other EU countries. Therefore, we can guarantee that our customers get a Nurse, you need, in particular in relation to the knowledge of the German language and the necessary professional experience.

As long as their managers stay with the families?

In General, they remain for 2 to three months. After that, you need to pause, for legal reasons. Of course, we ensure a seamless change of personnel. We always strive for the formation of the two teams.

What the care workers earn in a month?

Our Care workers receive the current minimum wage for 40 hours in the week. With the money earned, you can live quite well.

What is the minimum wage in 2017 for the Polish nurses?

The minimum wage in Poland is from the 01.01.17 at least 2,70€ gross (12 PLN) per hour. This is the Polish Parliament decided in Warsaw in July of this year. In planning a further increase to 2.90€ (13 PLN) per hour.

Also in Germany increases the minimum wage from the 01.01.17 of at least 8,50€ 8,84€ gross per hour.

The new regulations, both in Poland and in Germany also apply, indirectly, the seconded nurses from Poland. The cost for a legal nurse from Poland will increase from 01.01.17 easily. In General, we can say, however, that the price increase remains in the frame, and with increases for all other services on an equal footing.

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As one of the leading providers for 24 hour care, we are networked, of course, very well and have many contacts. Therefore, we are able to offer our clients even after the 01.01.17 affordable rates for our services.

Thank you for the Interview and the informative Details and in particular to the minimum wage in 2017 for a 24 hour elderly care at home.

Mindestlohn 2017 für polnische Pflegekräfte

Vilena care home

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