Medicine and trade: when the art of Hippocrates, becomes a business

This is no longer the pharmaceutical companies only submit the health practices inherent in the business world. The medical profession leaves a win by uses that encourage to not see it as an antagonistic pairing between medicine and commerce. And these are governments that encourage this state of things. We offer you a light on the issue in this ticket.

Practices that are incompatible with the ethical basis of medicine.

No passage of the oath of Hippocrates may not give rise to an interpretation which can be considered the art of medicine simply as a commercial activity. And yet, to observe multiple through own in the medical world, it is far from the fervor of altruistic, which should motivate the actions of a doctor. The first measures symptomatic of these abuses lies in what has been referred to as by the want cum, a perfect illustration of the relations between medicine and commerce. Mean Compensation on public health objective. That is what this is all about ?

By this principle, it is accepted that the State pays a premium to practitioners who have carried out their work with an excellent level of performance. How is performance assessed ? The notes are awarded taking into account, among other things, to:

  • The satisfaction given by the doctor taking the taking into account of the hypertensive
  • The accuracy of the reviews in regards to the rate of glycated hemoglobin in diabetic
  • Or even display the regular opening hours of the offices.

To consider the things, these actions do, in fact, that the ordinary work of a doctor. But this has allowed professionals to pocket 6700 euros of premiums in 2015.

In addition, financial incentives are adopted to bring general practitioners to address the areas lacking skills. Through this kind of mercenarism, of doctors are up to 15000 euros more in a month ! As can be seen, the medicine is marketed, and this does not lack to induce adverse consequences.

The implications of the pairing of medicine and commerce

One of the major effects of the transformation in the business of medicine, it is the institutionalization of a therapy at double speed. The phenomenon is observed even in the regulations relating to the structuring of the professionals in state-funded doctors or not. The first are compelled to comply with the tariff reimbursed by the social Security system, whereas the latter can charge overruns.

If this delineation allows to effectively guide patients to the practitioners of their choice, she does not lack to create ipso facto a medicine for people with an important purchasing power and another for the other. It is necessary to recognise that the standards governing the sector 2 accentuate the links between medicine and commerce. As you may have guessed, it is not easy to find between the different types of doctors and specialists, when we need a health care professional.

Find a doctor to heal effectively

The essential criterion for choosing a physician, it is the one of the proximity of his place of residence. But there are also the financial aspects linked to the price displayed by the practitioners. This is not easy to find a general practitioner who meets these criteria, when not using the right means. Of course, the mouth-to-mouth is a good track to explore in the context of its immediate surroundings. However, it has limitations.

The most reliable way to identify the surgeon can best meet your selection criteria, is to perform a search on the Internet. Many directories, specialized doctors are giving you this opportunity. Wherever you are on the French territory, you can put you in touch quickly with a doctor.

That medicine and commerce are now a combination of more formalized is not clear. This leads to consequences, which a medicine to variable geometry. Directories of doctors allow to find easily the practitioner of his choice. Enjoy their easy-to-use and free !