Me, on a shoot

Moi, figurant sur un tournage

Two days ago, the hospital hosted a shoot for a series of TF1. And necessarily at a given moment, they were in need of a nurse for a number of technical issues to play as listed. And guess who the hospital has designated ?

Live my life as an actor – or contained – on a shoot

So obviously I’m going to tell you how this all happened. However, I recall that I was there as listed, the word actor is still another level… I just wanted to dream a little. It is, therefore, Thursday, the extras are expected at 15h. Small exception for me, I’m called for 11: 30 am to settle the technical details. After 1 hour, I have to tell you that I had always been asked no question. I took the opportunity to speak with two to three actors of the series… Ah, it calls me to a first question ! Quickly I come quickly like a hero who has the whole truth and there : “Uh, the stethoscope, he puts it where the doctor ? “. Ahum, okay… The scene in the bedroom (door closed), which has already begun, I don’t have a right to look. It is after several tests and images in a box that I note the ” carnage “.

Imagine a patient with an infusion, infusion held in place by a simple band-aid on the arm (I dare to believe we won’t see his arm in the pictures), on the stem two pockets of serum-phy (one large and one small) which is connected to nothing, not a single infusion line. Inevitably, we always leave trainer a pocket on a gallows, just in case. The purists of the genre will quickly saw the small detail that we are the only ones to see : and it is where the piece of tape on the bag indicating what’s inside and the hours of attachment and removal ? And then, I see this line of infusion, which in real life will quickly put a lot of nurses in tachycardia, a line fills with bubbles. “Oh my god, there’s lots of bubbles in my line ! Ye vez not filmed here I hope ? “ Well, anyway, even for the technical advice, I was also figurative.

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At 13.30, I had to go out to eat with them in a tent where they had set up a canteen. And frankly, that is what I ate well ! I thought of all those going to the self… Me I was entitled to a meal worthy of a restaurant.

It is from 17 hours that the extras are now finally their appearances. The poor have waited for two hours but were bound to have the usual number of books that I could see. We are preparing and will in a grand hall of service. You can see the main actors in the waiting room of the er specially made for the occasion, a doctor who has been making radios for a young lady (he could not go look for them) and myself who accompanies a lady in a room and then goes on to join a colleague around a cart of care for pretending to prepare a solution. I would not tell you the mess put on the cart… It is as if we had released everything we could find in cupboards and had been placed on the cart. I had the impression to prepare an infusion, such MacGyver with everything and anything.

We repeated the scene several times, in the beginning we focused on the camera : it is not necessary that I look at it, no it must not be ! And then to force them to repeat the scene, this becomes almost trivial and we do again what we did… I admit to saying bullshit to the other extras, but who cares, we are not hear !

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They are then left turn, a scene of a consultation with a doctor in… the office of the director. Necessarily, it is more class than a simple small office of a doctor. This is the film I tell you ! Good and then I don’t have to reveal to you the scenario so I say no more.

I would end by this final scene to 20.30 where I would like to speak with a doctor (listed) at the entrance to the emergency room. So think of this VSAV, forgiveness, this ambulance of the fire department landing at the bottom siren and flashing light activated, and… the two of us go out in a current emergency to go get the patient on his stretcher as soon as the doors of the vehicle open. I thought that I was in the series ” er ” on this one. Well, yes, in true the medical team out of the emergency room for help the fire brigade to get off the stretcher, right ? Ah it’s not the way it happens in real life ? Swear. (Especially as I can’t tell you why the patient comes to the emergency room, you rigolerez. Small hint : Usually, it ends up in the white room of the er.)

In short, I have a good laugh, it was a good experience to see how that goes on behind the cameras. So after the nurse blogger, here’s the nurse actor !

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No, I won’t tell you the name of the series or when it will be released. Secret forces, and because I feel like I’m going to be ashamed of so you’re all going to make fun little band chenapans ! Go, the one who finds the day of the broadcast will win a gift. (PS : once released, I might say)

Update : no, this is not for the set Response (I didn’t know).