Me in the face of a murderer

Moi face à un meurtrier

It was still a trade that we actually see all the colors, especially with the population. By our profession, we do not judge. It happens to me regularly take care of men coming from prison, or simply for a requisition before the custody. We never asked what they have done and for my part I don’t care a bit, I protect myself certainly not wanting to know.

But when the reality of a fact of which various lands in the er, how ? It was not long ago, we had the right to of the young victims of a shooting in the city, a classic last month. But when the sordid history that you can read on page 8 of your newspaper falling on you, you have a weird feeling.

Me and the murderer

Come to the emergency department a man of about 40 years of age for laceration, multiple body including a phlebotomy on each arm and a laceration sutural neck. One quickly learns that he has a psychiatric history and that he comes from a big city on the atlantic coast. In fact, his brother-in-law has also joined in the emergency setting to the ” channel “. Initially, we didn’t pay any attention to this detail. The patient remains mutique, explaining his gesture with a glance of irritation towards her mother who wanted to kill him. And then you say : “yes, well it is psy in the same time “. And you let it flow… Yes, but there it was not necessary to let it flow.

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Later, the night comes quickly and we asked where is the patient in question. It is said that it is currently in a box and we then responds that he should stay there and not move. Indeed, it was order not to start the care… (You don’t have to worry, its wounds do not bleed. It has a good coagulation, and good pads for the couch potato !). The framework we noted then that the BAC (Brigade Anti-Crime) happen to him… Then you say it is serious but you also say that if the guy wants to get the hell out, you accounts the order with your little syringe ?

We will learn then that he was well tangled up with her mother, but that the neighbors or family, having no news then called the fire brigade and the police to make a door opening. When they entered the house, the carnage had already taken place…

Less than 10 minutes later, the police officers of the bac arrive and enter through the back of the box (yes it has one input and one output in our boxs… the class right ?). It was then able to attend an arrest, as in the stories… Yet in his stretcher and the brother-in-law sitting on a chair, they have not had time to say anything when they returned. For him, I think it’s expected, but to the brother-in-law, he’s nothing to understand… after a Few minutes, the handcuffs on the wrist and a few explanations, they released… The suspect was now in a stretcher, not moving, still not a handcuff to each wrist attached to the stretcher. And if it was a wound now ?

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Yes because now that the whole service is aware of and that the doctor had to see it for a reason other than wound variety, which was to clean the wounds and do the dressing ? It is your servant.

What I want to say from there, is that before we were aware of nothing, yet it was the same man in front of us now. Except that now we know that he has done to death his own mother. It’s crazy how your approach is different that the first time you are entered in this box. You have suddenly taken on a carapace to protect you and put even more distance than usual with the patient. You do so care of mechanically, without thinking, a blank in your head. Sometimes you look and you wonder how he was able to do it, it doesn’t look bad. You realize not even accounts, yet your spirit nurse continues his work and asked him if he was not wrong in the care… Used to be a professional deformation ?

In short, I do care a guy who had just killed his mother.

Hey ! thank you to Frag for the photo.