Marisol killed me

Marisol m’a tué

Madam the Minister of social Affairs, forgiveness, I start again.

Madam the Minister of social Affairs and Health that it was added after because it seems that you had forgotten during your appointment,

You are currently on a tour of the west Indies, and your silence since a week makes us think that you are probably on vacation as an official trip. After all, you have a good reason to enjoy the beautiful sun of our islands. As you said since you left on July 2 for a report on an epidemic of chikungunya, the mobilization of the State’s total ! It is the 28th of July you know…

You have to respond to the problems of Palestine, your last message on twitter praising the beaches of France, our government reacted when a prof was killed, the headlines that you then say that perhaps we needed to be awarded a legion of honor… As for our president preferred to act, he is personally involved in the face of these horrific plane crashes of the last few days. Journalists have the air to follow you, you and the government, when police officers are taking part in, when a man kills his wife and gives himself to death, when a train collided with another… as we move in we also the dead, that we support families every day, we care for the daily life of the French, that we comfort ourselves the sadness of the population, we join with you to support bereaved families.

But since the time that we exercise our profession with passion, we always wondered what a person would come to our support when a tragedy would affect our profession ? We talk here and there of assaults against nurses, but the press remains silent. Now, thanks to you and your silence, you have the answer : no one. Recently, a nurse is attacked and beaten by five individuals in Toulouse and we talk about it in 5 lines in the regional newspaper. But did you know that our profession is also bereaved by the loss of one of our colleagues a few days ago ? She was 63 years old (yes, you will have noticed that it was still working) and she was murdered by one of these patients, for which she came to do home care. But to tell the truth, because it is not passed to the JT 20h, you didn’t know. At the limit, the only thing you can hear, this is the story of a nurse who diverts the money… It is surely more eye-catching.

Why you don’t respond ? Why our authorities do not move ? Why the world nurse does not feel and has never felt supported ?

It’s been a few days that anger is rising in the ranks of caregivers. In France, we brush the teachers, the railwaymen, and I could go on but the health is no longer one of the priorities of our country. And yet, we can be proud of our health system… But there you have touched the chord of our soul in daignant not bring a message of support to our profession but mostly to the family of this woman of 63 years old who all his life brought comfort to the other and may have thought not to rest in this way.

It was not a star and therefore will not of legion of honor posthumously, but the whole of the profession a nurse does not forget that a new star has just lit up in the sky without the note.

Please accept, Madame, the expression of my disappointment distinguished.

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PS : Sorry, I remember a time when you we have listened, we and the users. It was for a story coat pajamas brought to the hospital…