Manipulation in the grey area

People with dementia do not automatically lose the right to vote

Older people in elections is of crucial importance. In the case of the Bundestag elections last year, were eligible Over-60s, about a third of all choice. Also if you are to get ill or suffer from dementia, are entitled to vote are older people. Theoretically. In everyday life, not much remains of it are often left.

It is a grey area in the System. 62 million are eligible to vote, may submit the end of may, your vote in the European elections. About one in every 60. of them disease, such as Alzheimer’s disease suffer from dementia. A proportion that is growing. Because people are getting older and older, expect the physician to ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease outgrowth. A disease that can affect anyone. “I appeal to all to take care of as early as possible, a power of attorney,” says Sylvia Kern, Executive Director of the Alzheimer’s society of Baden-Württemberg. Because only with such a power of attorney people with dementia to secure their right to vote. So it is in the German electoral law – connected with contradictions. We take an old woman, which has in time created prior to severe dementia of a precautionary power of attorney for a Person of your choice. This old woman remains eligible to vote. We take an old man, also to severe dementia disease. He has failed, a power of attorney to issue. This man can be excluded from the right to vote. Because according to the law, the election loses the right, “for the care of all his Affairs, a supervisor is appointed”.

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Who decides if people with dementia be allowed to vote? And as a misuse of their choice can be documents prevent? With these and other delicate issues need to contact relatives, nurses and carers are always apart. “Election manipulation is here, open the door,” says Sylvia core of the Alzheimer’s society. “The nursing staff has this problem always in view,” emphasizes, by contrast, Eva-Maria Bolay, press spokeswoman for the Caritas Association of the diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart. The Association operates 22 nursing homes and care homes with approximately 2000 nursing courses. The risk of election manipulation is under the umbrella of a care facility at least, Bolay. An assessment of the Klaus Ziegler. Together with his wife Rosemarie Amos Ziegler, he directs the living community for seniors in Filderstadt near Stuttgart. 134 older people are under their responsibility, 65 live alone and the ambulatory care service. Many of the patient would not be at all, says Klaus Ziegler. They have lost interest in politics. Nevertheless, they received a lot of information about daily political Events, adds Rosemarie Amos Ziegler: “In our regular Meetings with the supervisor from the newspaper to read, and it will be much discussed.” She observed: he Who as a young man, both politically and engaged interested in was, of the select also in the high age.

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The election documents of demented people are regularly manipulated – there is no evidence. It is established that the Federation of professional managers has long called for a debate on the topic of dementia and elections. Because the number of people with dementia could rise by 2050 to four million. That would be entitled to a share of five percent of the election. In theory, the dementia could choose sick and then a private party in the Bundestag.

Author: Hilmar Pfister