low estimate of professional nursing (CDU)

Dear Mrs. Merkel,

I recently learned that you plan to leave Hartz4 recipients in the care incorporate. It’s nice that the Chancellor accepts the Problem of the care of the state of emergency in the country. Nevertheless, I think that your solution is more quantitative than qualitative.

I have nothing against Hartz4 receivers, quite the contrary! I think it’s great if people can provide new challenges and can motivate you to move something and to be a member of a strong group or. However, we are not looking for care assistants in the care sector, but care workers. But how are we supposed to come to new nurses, if the financing of the 3-year nursing training to 31. December 2010, tilted?!

Even if I’m not involved in politics and I prefer our politics to the hat, I think, is that you give me in this Position right (). Why allows you to these people (those who really want it), no professional training? So these would have much better chances on the labour market, and also we, from the care industry. And who benefits the most, our care receivers… Because these people are suffering from the nursing shortage the most.

I earn “only” € 8.50, and you must let me through a “Stoma-eruption” of a client, literally “shit on” OR me with food scraps dam of meißen, and spit on. Would you find such a Situation, it great? No? And then you mean to say “just so”, that is, around 2 million Hartz4 receiver to go into care?

– Why don’t you tell “in the day to day keep!”? –

Nursing jobs have been a really bad place in our society and through such statements and reactions this will not be guaranteed to be better…

With kind Regards,

Martin Röder from the North of Germany

State-certified specialist for care assistant and nursing students from October 2010.

Contempt of professional care by the CDU