List of sites authorized to sell medicines

In my environment, I was asked the question on the sale of medicines online and where to buy them ? Given that I spend a lot of time on the internet, it is normal for people to ask me the question… So I offer you here a list of sites authorized to sell medicines on the internet.

I think it is necessary because of the small profiteers, and opening up sites to take advantage of this new bonanza. Pay Attention to them, the college of physicians has already filed a complaint against 11 sites that had no legal authorization to sell drugs.

I will not go into the debate whether it is good or not, I confess not to have thought inevitably to the question. If one manages to control the possible drift, then why not ! After all, delivery of medicines for those who cannot move is pretty good… And you, for or against ?

Go, if not, here is below the list of 44 sites authorized to sell medicines online, each site is dependent of a dispensary with a storefront.

Region Cyberpharmacie Officine Address

Alsace Pharmacy Dietsch 24 rue Poincaré, 68100 – Mulhouse Pharmacy Schneider 32 rue des Keys 68000 – Colmar Pharmacy Koessler Building A – 21 rue du Maréchal Foch 67730 – Châtenois Pharmacy Almeras 5A route de Colmar 68340 – Riquewihr Pharmacy Kuentz Olivier 9 rue du Sauvage 68100 Mulhouse Pharmacy Miller 7 rue Givet 68130 – Altkirch Pharmacy Schwartz 6 rue des Keys 67600 – Sélestat Pharmacy Buchinger 97 route de Neuf Brisach 68000 – Colmar
Auvergne Pharmacy Ghoul LD Chouchirou 43370 Bains Pharmacy Grand 5 rue de la Couronne 03150 Saint Gerand-Le-Puy
Basse-Normandie Pharmacy U 1 place du Commerce 14054 Caen
Burgundy Pharmacy Malot 21 rue de Lyon 89200 – Avallon Pharmacy Attic 90 avenue du Drapeau 21000 – Dijon Pharmacy Calf Avenue de la Resistance 71700 – Tournus
Centre Pharmacy Doucet 10 place du Martroi 45260 – Lorris Pharmacy Pouzols ZUP de la Madeleine, Avenue Marcel Proust 28000 – Chartres Pharmacy Cuillerier 51B av Maginot 37000 – Tours
Franche-Comté Pharmacy Griffond Box – Marchal 30 Central street 25230 – Dasle
Ile-de-France Pharmacy Knight Street of Carnal 78410 – Bouafle Pharmacy Badiou 57 rue de Châteaudun 75009 – Paris Pharmacy Wuhrlin 2 place du general Koenig 75017 – Paris
Languedoc Roussillon Pharmacy Denis Canet 3 rue des Embruns 66000 – Perpignan
Lorraine Pharmacy Mallet 20B rue du General De Gaulle 54180 – Houdemont
Nord Pas De Calais Pharmacy Bizet 49 bd Georges Bizet 59650 – Villeneuve-D’ascq Pharmacy Louvegnies 4 Grand Place – 4 rue A. Briand 59132 – Trelon Pharmacy Druon 11A Rue Jean Baptiste Lebas 59133 – Phalempin Pharmacy Cuingnet 2 rue Albert Thomas 62380 – LUMBRES Pharmacy Hanon 258 rue Jean Jaurès 59264 – Onnaing
COUNTRY OF THE LOIRE Pharmacie Filloux CCAL LeclercAv of Chauvières 85500 – Herbiers (Les) Pharmacy Beliard Commeil CCAL Carrefour, Local n°3 av Flora Tristan, 44300 Nantes Pharmacy Monin CCAL Of The Cross Jeannette 44340 – Bouguenais Pharmacy Pasquier Lalanne Zac De La Contrie 49122 – May-On-Fever (The) Pharmacy Bisiau 10 place Saint Nicolas 49310 – Vihiers Pharmacy Arnaud De Foiard 3/5 rue de la Chesnaie 44400 – Reze
Poitou-Charentes Pharmacy Davy CCAL Giant Casino86000 – Poitiers
Rhône-Alpes Pharmacy Lor-Figon 45 High Street 07300 – Tournon-Sur-Rhône Pharmacy Duffez ZAC De La Billonnette 39 route De Lyon 01800 – Perugia Pharmacy Favreau 260 rue de Savoie74700 – Sallanches Pharmacy Savoyat The Millières LD The Cross 01390 SAINT-André-de-Corcy Pharmacy Pirson 13 place Charles De Gaulle 26100 – Romans-Sur-Isère Pharmacy Tarnaud 38 route de Lyon, 69740 – Genas Pharmacy Allouch CCAL Of Allagniers CENTRE av Europe 69140 – Rillieux-La-Pape Pharmacy Roset-Small Michele CCAL Du Perollier 69130 – Écully Pharmacy Silvestre-Benech 10 rue de la République 38420 – Domène

Source : Order of Pharmacists

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