Linda’s Start in the health care: it is considered when someone dies?


Linda is one of our trainees in the health – and sick care. In November of 2015 has begun their training in the clinic, she was 19 years ago self to the world. How were the first months: Have met Linda’s expectations? How did you overcome the challenges? I have spoken with Linda, and a first balance asked.

Currently, Linda works in addition to school stages in the formation of the center for health professions (BZG) of the gastro-entero-logical Station of the Asklepios clinic in Altona.

The birth of her nephew, was the trigger for the desire to become a nurse. They thought it was great to observe the nurses in their work. As you then decided to actually to do this job, came the fear of the challenges. She wondered how she would handle it, if someone dies, and whether it would burden you if one of your patients would be terminally ill.

In the past five months, she has experienced both. Strange it was to see for the first Time in your life to a deceased human, she says. Your colleagues at the Station had explained everything great, and then the Situation was okay. Linda had to learn that Dying can be in addition to all of the sadness is also a salvation.

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How to get clear with the smells?

Prior to the start of your training, Linda had wondered whether you would be able to bear the not-so-good smells in a hospital. Today, she says, she had imagined it much worse. The smells are not there, you feel them as very distressing.

When Linda meets with friends and all over their occupations to exchange, is not often said to her: “I could do That!” Linda does not feel such Comments as derogatory. Quite the contrary, she says, it’ll make you proud, to learn a trade, others say that they could not execute it. In one of these conversations, they learned the way, that one of your friends, which makes an apprenticeship as an office clerk, deserves to be even in the third year of training, € 250 less than you in your first year of training. A comparison that is reinforced to Linda, of course, to have made the right decision.

Freedoms by-layer service

The changing times by the Early and late services feel Linda personally not at all negative. Smiling, she says: “everything is not so rigid, and I can sleep in sometimes.” The layer service, it is also time that Linda has to work many days in a row. This month there were ten days in a row. She was, of course, exhausting. But then you had five days in a row. This is each Time like a short holiday, without the need to take this holiday, says Linda.

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She has also found that holidays can be very flexible. Of course, you need to vote with the other members of the team, but if you has made its examination, it may be even possible to get a long vacation of more than three weeks. With shining eyes, she reported her dream to the benefit of a long vacation to explore the world.

Buffalo nursing

Currently, Linda has passed the probationary period of their training. Linda’s conclusion: their experiences in the last few months had shown her that she has made the right career choice. The first exams were not, however, have turned out so well, admits Linda. For this training you must be very diligent, has recognized Linda. A large medical Knowledge is conveyed, on top of that, critical Thinking is very important for the nursing. All of this can’t communicate with Linda but demo. On the contrary, It spurs them on. You want to finish your training successfully and sometime be so, as your great example, your current station management. For this, Linda is with great pleasure full throttle.

Photo: Svenja Detjen