Light the fire !

This Easter weekend was more surprising than usual. We even finished by thinking that there must be the full moon, in fact not. This weekend, I was on duty on Saturday and Sunday, first to pediatric emergencies and then the déchocage adult.

We managed to do that in pediatrics ?

In pediatrics, the most surprising is on the side of the parents that night. I will not discuss the various cases encountered (sutures, convulsions, skewers of laryngitis carabinées reduced to kick aerosol), but rather the parents. For the first case, a child of 14 months is convulsions without fever associated. In this case, we have more parents than the child himself, which we will have convulsed for two minutes on any night. But the parents (who are on the verge of a nervous breakdown ? Tired ? In a panic ?) will be very expressive during the support. In a panic, it is bound to be when something happens to her child, but then to require the “master ” of the service, you know the doctor at the top of the head of service himself, to see the mother throwing herself against the wall and end up on the ground, then to see the husband make his discomfort… We have been overwhelmed by this support. It includes parents, we try to help, without success. We have tried to make a start at least, to take care of their elder child of 2 years, stayed at home. We are out of air the head without success. They will eventually see the team psychiatrist to at least be “unloaded” with too many emotions. They will remain sleep.

Second case, a small stretch of 3-4 years, led by the grandparents. The grandmother was fantastic from the reception, demanding to take priority and making reflections just arrived to the emergency room. In the waiting room, she râlait already against the team which did not take any away support, after all his grandson will not be breathing more what ! The child is alert and smiling, I do not see him choke… During the installation in the box, I had the courage to tell the grand-parents that needed the parental consent form signed for the minor children. It is 3 o’clock in the morning… Inevitably, the reaction of the grandmother was strong. Yes but it is the law… After the spray of the small, he is asked to wait an hour, in order to assess the effectiveness of the treatment. She did not understand why the hospital had become a prison suddenly… The peak was reached when we saw her arrive in the treatment room, barefoot and belt undone, revealing her pretty white panties, and we are asking for explanations, This was the 3rd time that the doctor present was trying to inform them, without any form of listening on his part. Then after 10 seconds of silence, a IDE ask him then, to start on good bases : “Explain to me what you want to know madame.” His answer was, ” But you do it on purpose not to understand ! You are silly ?” . Right there, I admit it is not past, and I saw myself involved in the story by asking him about his problem and his explanation on the lack of respect for process, and my colleague as stupid. Good and as you say the authorization, it could sit on it because his son-in-law had gone to the snow with his son and that his daughter was on answering machine . “When it is on answering machine is that she is with her lover !” . Okay, Okay.

And if not, the déchocage it happens what ?

I had a lot of this weekend on the side of my room déchocage adult. But what I will remember above all, it is the support of a security guard who was assaulted. Stroke of the bat to the back of the skull it was rather well received, but above all, a wound to the thigh made with a cutter. It measures about twenty centimeters long, 10 cm wide and deep well. Fortunately, not hemorrhagic. He had managed to drag himself up to his pc security with this cut, courageous. Necessarily the unpacking/repacking of the wound dressing has need a titration in morphine. Therefore, it will be taken care of in the surgery to go to the block the next morning. I really don’t like the assault free such as this one.

If you remember the title of this article, you say ” but slim, what is the relationship “. It comes to children, it comes… let’s Start with Saturday night, arriving at 5 o’clock in the morning of two young (17 and 24 years of age) is being burned in the face with a chimney fire. By and large, tell you that they have attempted to rekindle the flames by swinging of the essence. You can imagine the result. Second-degree burns for two, with beautiful blisters infant, excruciating pain and… more eyebrows or hair on the front. For that matter, they care about far more to their eyebrows than the pain itself. Taken care of quickly, wet cloth on the face the time to infuse and to relieve them, and then dressing in easter egg for both. Yes, this easter weekend, it is inspired.

And well law of the series or not, but the next night (Sunday if you follow), I received another burnt in the face ! This time he made them, (yes at 3 o’clock in the morning, on a Sunday…), confined in a room with fumes of glue and acetone. Inevitably, when he turned on his sander, the spark produces an explosion that blew the face. It is rather well drawn with burns in the second degree. Even supported, and even dressing in easter egg for sir ! It is rare for burns of this type, even if the emergency of France are well aware of them (especially in the summer with barbecues). But in manage 3 on two nights… Go figure.

PS : For your information, I’m testing a new kind of article : “chronic emergency “. Instead of me bothering to find a situation, I decided to write the kinds of chronic on my guard spent in the emergency room. Let me know if this is likely to appeal to you and if it is not too long to read. Otherwise, I am going to cut everything to make several articles…

PS 2 : For photos of the wound and the easter eggs, we will return, question of law, coughed coughed.