leeches as rheumatoid therapy

The Hirudo Medicina read (medical leeches) is one of the best-known leeches. For many hundreds of years for the treatment of various diseases are used.

What certainly a lot of questions:

The bite of a leech is not painful ?

Of the most, if not all of the patients in the “bite” of a leech with a nettle or the bite of a mosquito. Thus, the bite is not painful, but quite good to endure.

How much blood you lose per application ?

A small leech sucked approx. 2 to 3 grams of blood. A larger specimen ate more like 20 – 30 grams. On average, the application will be used 8 leeches. A dramatic “blood loss” is not confirmed in any application, even during a full course of therapy. Depending on the application, you lose about 200 max. 350ml of blood (including postoperative bleeding).

The ailments, leeches help ?

By the blood-thinning and vasodilating effect of a leech to the people this help near to any kind of circulatory disorders. Furthermore, you can help with: varicose veins, hemorrhoids, heart attacks, strokes, calcified vessels, thrombosis, muscle strain, disc problems, bruises and much more.

The leech really helps in case of rheumatism ?

In the last few centuries, many approaches and leech therapies are explored. Because rheumatism is a (still) quite unexplored disease, you can not give a guarantee. You can delay, rheumatism, but not stop it. It is similar to the named “leech-rheumatic therapy”. Approximately 70% of all previously treated patients expressing an improvement in rheumatic pain in joints.

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What side effects are there ?

With proper Anwdnung (by a specialist), no serious side effects. However, one must expect local skin irritation. In the case of circuit-weak people, it can lead to circulatory problems. In the case of a varicose veins therapy can result in prolonged bleeding, for example, if a leech was attached to a vein.

Can you treat yourself ?

CAN you do everything. It is not recommended, however, because it can quickly lead to serious side effects such as blood poisoning, etc. A leech therapy should in principle ALWAYS be carried out by an expert!