LASIK – One of the most popular method of refractive surgery (eye surgery with lasers)

LASIK – Eine der populärsten Methode der refraktiven Chirurgie (Augenoperationen mit Lasern)The term “Refractive surgery” are all behalndlung types of eye operations a summary of the total refractive power of the eye change. The most common Form of refractive treatments are performed with the help of lasers.

The LASIK procedure (Laser in-situ Keratomileusis) is currently one of the most popular methods of the various eye operations. The aim of this Laser SURGERY is to be able to in the future glasses or contact lens for the correction of the refractive power on a permanent replace. The laser procedure is already since 1990, applied. By the removal of tissue can be reached in a short period of time and relatively little change of the cornea, pain skin curvature, which leads to an improvement in vision and refractive power of the eye. The Lasik method is mainly for the correction of myopia (up to max. -10 diopters), hyperopia (up to max. +4 diopters) and astigmatism, a special refractive property of the eye, known as astigmatism skin or hyperopia (up to max. 5 diopters). Depending on the approved country and inserted Laser the values may differ in the brackets by a few diopters. Before the LASIK under it, however, requires a detailed preliminary investigation and interviews with experienced doctors.

The expectations of the already-treated patients were very different, however, many were of the opinion that to be able to much better and see more clearly than before. You should, however, note that you can destroy with a Laser is quite an eye. Therefore, it is advised not to cheap OPs abroad urgently!

A LASIK SURGERY can be performed only if the Patient has a sufficient thickness of the cornea has on the eye. Furthermore, you should not leave before the OP, the curvature of the cornea to determine the size of the pupil and the intraocular pressure can be measured, as well as the tear film determination. In addition, the patient should know about the complete medical history of any eye diseases and treatments know.

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