Large salary differences in care

Große Gehaltsunterschiede in der PflegeThe nurses are just paid in the care of the elderly and other sectors is worse is no secret. But even within the care industry, there are enormous differences in Salary, as a study by the Institute for labour market and occupational research (IAB), with the title “What you deserve in the nursing professions in Germany” now.

Suitable way, is heading the study with a “Much variance”, because the payment of sick and carers varies according to the place of work, professional qualification, gender and employer. As in other industries, a salary gap exists from West to East and, accordingly, also between the Federal States. In addition, male professionals are generally paid better than female Employees. The difference is nursing is greater than in the elderly.

Situation in nursing and nursing assistants

In Germany, workers are paid in care for the elderly is worse than in nursing. The difference in the East stands at 28.9 percent and in the West at 18.2 percent. Thus, skilled workers earn in the care of the elderly is only slightly more than assistants in nursing.

In General, workers are paid in the health and in the care of the elderly poor. The fee is 20 percent below the respective average income of all employees. Considering all the professions, it is even between 35 and 40 percent.

Positive Developments

Große Gehaltsunterschiede in der PflegeOn a positive note, however, that the media content of employees compared to other volunteers in Germany is far exceeded by about 13 percent. A assistant training in the health care industry is so training, as compared to other Helpers in the advantage.

However, the study also shows positive developments in the area of ambulance professionals. So skilled workers can earn in the nursing in the new länder is on average 30.4 percent more than other professionals. In West Germany, the difference is still almost 10 percent.

The salary varies not only according to professional qualifications, but also according to work type. So ambulatory care services paid up to 30 percent less than hospitals.

According to the study, the Motivation for part-time employment is in the East and the West are different. While in the West the personal or family Situation is a decisive factor for employment in part-time, are in the East more often involuntary part-time jobs to be found.