laboratories, they are nice ! (Sometimes)

Sometimes, the commercial laboratories pass we see. In us, this happens usually at the end of the year/beginning of the year for the holidays and this year, only one has made the trip. This proves without a doubt the esteem they have for us and yet, we use hardware… In my case, I speak of the material of stoma (brackets, pockets, etc…) and his / her representative.

My gift from the laboratory

So after Christmas, the business has made us a visit to wish her vows, finally, rather to the wishes of his society, because it is not him who will say,” oh, I’m going to visit my buddies in the 2nd floor” , especially as, personally, I had never seen before… and during his visit, he has not failed to bring back some gifts for the nurses. I would not tell you the head that he made when he saw me, finally if I tell you briefly of our exchange :

  • Him : Uh Hello
  • Me : Hello sir
  • Him : Um, uh I’m looking for…
  • Me : Moui ?!
  • Him, look at the air, desperate for my tag on my blouse
  • Him, looking embarrassed : In fact, uh, I’m looking for the nurses, uh… your colleagues
  • Me : And me, I can’t help you ?
  • Him : En made is that… well here, I am the representative of *biiip* and I make… um, er, gifts for the nurses.
  • Me : Ah well, it’s nice, I’m going to call them.
  • (I’m going to look for them, and she wonders what I’m talking about when I said that a nice trade something for them, then I go back to him…)
  • Me : They are going to happen. Otherwise what is the gift ?
  • Him : make-up in [C-FoRa].
  • Me : Ah bah it is nice for THEM. And if not for the men, right ?
  • Him : bah Yes so it is true that it is believed not yet to the men and it was not gifts…
  • Me : Ah bah not cool, I have to inform you just that it is still more than 10% of men over 500.000 nurses in France* which is still a nice part in the services… For proof, here I am ! ?
  • Him : Yes it is true, I’ll have a think about for next year.
  • Me : Ok happy new year !

So this is how my colleagues have had a nice gift from the laboratory and I do not. So guys, do pressure and râlez when the commercial drops ! And you the laboratories and others, think of us MALE nurses ! Already that our female colleagues we bother… *Not typed, not typed*

What’s funny is that he has given back his card and contact information, and I told him “ah yes I had the card, your co-worker, I called her and everything..” And he replied : “what colleague ? “… Oops, in fact it was his competitor ^^

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* NB : See the figures of the percentage of male nurse on