Know everything about the nursing profession liberal

A job that does not allow it to take its own decisions and expanding is not always appropriate to everyone. Admittedly, he is not happy to stay cloitré in a chamber for 8 hours or more. This is for example the case of the profession of nursing. But it increasingly tends to become a trade more free.

The nursing profession liberal: what is it ?

The or nurse or a liberal is considered an independent contractor carrying on its business within an enterprise of a liberal given. It is in particular necessary for this branch of the business of the concepts of management and accounting. Otherwise, they perform the same kind of work that nurses classic.

It is noted, however, that from the point of view of remuneration, independent nurses perceive a better return each month even if it is a non-commercial activity. This is why more and more professionals are attracted by the concept. In France there are more than 100 000 nurses liberals.

What are the criteria to become a nursing liberal ?

The profession of nursing liberal is subject to several conditions. Thus, to engage in this activity, it is essential to have a State diploma, and register for the national Order of nurses.

On the side professional experience, the applicant must have on its assets at least 2 years of expertise as an IDE on the last 6 years. If the applicant has stopped exercising for a period before the application, 12 months of professional experience are required. These must be compulsorily acquired in hospital, in clinic, in care centres or in association in the genre of ” Doctors without borders “.

To see a nurse liberal to Bourg Saint Maurice, for example, we can opt for the Health division. It is important to note that nursing liberal are the same offered by nursing classics. There is, therefore, not to worry about.