knee function and injury

Das Knie – Funktion & VerletzungenThe knee is not only one of the most important joints in the human body, but also one of the most painful injuries. Damage can affect not only the elderly, but people of any age. The typical complaints today are treated very well.

The knee and its daily performance

As the largest joint in the human body, the knee to withstand. Together with the lower leg, it is involved in our movement, power and speed. The ankles and heels carry the main weight, the movement is determined from the knee. So many runners also complain of knee problems or pain.

So that the bones, Tendons and muscles to play perfectly together, they are all protected in a certain way in front of friction. The ends of the bones are coated with a thin (about 3 mm) layer of Cartilage. As a result, the joint remains supple and flexible. The cartilage is filled with a liquid, in order to remain elastic and mobile. He also serves as a kind of shock absorber. The muscles and Tendons in turn are attached to bones such as the kneecap. In order wundscheuert and tear, it is protected by slime-bag.

Knee injury and typical knee problems

Knee pain many probably know from the Sport, after long hikes, or of daring to Plunge into the Childhood. The skilled person distinguishes in principle between chronic and acute knee complaints. Acute immediate pain after an accident. These include bruises, torn ligaments, dislocations, sprains, and the like. As a cross-band, impaired crack the running stability, while a tear of the meniscus leads to blockages in the movement. Such injuries must be treated by the orthopedists, for example in a sports clinic for Orthopaedics and accident surgery, otherwise can inflammation of it and gain lasting damage.

Chronic ailments we know, however, usually only in old age. If the Run is preparing General problems and the joints stiffer. Osteoarthritis and rheumatism can also affect the knee. In the case of joint rheumatism is the inflammatory processes in osteoarthritis of the knee, however, cartilage wear and tear.

Most knee injuries can be treated by appropriate medication and physiotherapy. Set aside the knee after surgery or injury to be mobilized and built up. Massive cartilage wear and tear, however, can be due to cartilage grafts, or complete joint replacement are treated.

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