It’s your turn to vote

C’est à votre tour de voter

No, we are going to talk politics with the presidential elections to come ? And well… Not. Not really, I could have this said but I just wanted to talk about something else that could potentially be in connection with it.

And it takes advantage of the current elections to propose to you a vote. Where normally, you are always there and you wonder what he can speak well. Where, you ask, moreover, that it is time that I explain what I’m talking about. Here, you will… okay, I’ll explain.

You have probably noticed, since a few months, the blog of the Syringe mainly presents articles about chronicles that I currently live in the emergency room. And it’s lacking in full ! Yes, because I take no note of it, thinking that I have a good memory, then I’m going to bed after a night of babysitting, in my wake I can’t remember what I wanted to tell. Convenient to forget his work, less practical when one has to do precisely with a blog.

Yet at its core, this blog is a concentrate of several articles. On my experience necessarily, on the politics of health in France, on various facts regarding our profession, news about the world of nursing… It was what to say and it worked well. Then a period of my life was that there were less articles. We had the honor of the press and the world of nursing. And then the calm, the blog has held up well and remained a reference in the middle.

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So today, I want to recreate the atmosphere of the beginning, why I had made this blog. And I was also able to see a request, a need on the part of nurses on the social networks despite yet the presence of great sites nursing on the web. It was, therefore, brought together old and new ideas, we looked at how to restructure the blog, we posed all of this and we came to a simple observation.

Either one keeps the blog current, or we created a new blog, all beautiful and brand new with all interested readers.

Because yes, we want to do a blog of the world of the nurse(e)s who is for you-but especially you. We would offer you a space for sharing, a space where you will have the opportunity to become the editor of this new journal. You have always wanted a blog ? You have always wanted to write a rant ? We will offer you this. In addition, it would be going to the meeting of the nurses of France (and, if possible, of the world) by conducting interviews and presentations on their occupations, their daily…

However, there is still a detail. The name that will be used for this new project. I already asked Twitter, and I would like to thank all of the participants who voted. Despite this, the two names remain tight in the polls. So that is why I launched the survey on the blog, on Facebook and on the social networks.

  • Is it still on : the old articles will remain, and the appearance of the site will change to paste to the new project. The articles of the chronicles, will not remain and will go on a blog at the address (which will be as you have understood my personal blog, thus leaving for the community.)
  • Or so on a new project, leaving my personal blog as it is currently. It would, therefore, on the name of ! It’s a nice name for a newspaper a nurse and that might even project it onto the international. (Wants to be the fart ?)
  • (If you have a name idea (available), don’t hesitate to leave a comment.)

Then up to you to vote ! or ?

To vote, click here !

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