It’s time to doctor Google !

To IFSI, you have probably said, when writing your memory as Google, Wikipedia, Doctissimo was the devil ! “Oh no, don’t go over, all the info’s are not good to take and not verified ! Rather, go to the library to read books and magazines ! “

Okay and the doctors they do what them to find the information ? They go on Google , of course ! Because, yes, we come to learn that 96% of general practitioners use Google for their search for medical information1.

Call me Dr. Google, fast !

But be careful ! It is not necessary to take into account only the figure itself, because the doctors wish to clarify several points with respect to the use of Google. It should be noted that the main objective is to learn about a treatment or disease or a recommendation from primarily on sites such as that of the High Authority of health or thenational security Agency of medicines and health products (MSNA). So they don’t go on Doctissimo them.Because it goes without saying that these same doctors know how to do the things and say that 80% of the content on the web is not reliable. They get to make sorting content on the web highlighting their training, their experience and their training. They love to go on the websites of pharmaceutical laboratories to retrieve information, these same sites often focused on the marketing…

Truth be told, this study does not leave me puzzled. We arrive in an era where information can be found on the web. I also done my research through Google. Everything happens on our screens, our eyes glued to scroll through pages and pages, even our protocols are available on our computers through an internet server. When I look at our workbooks or our Vidal, I find it to be much dusty. With a doctor, we had talked about last year, laughing on the fact that soon we would have our iphones and our iPad grafted to our arm… Who knows.

And you, you make where your research ?

1 Source : barometer “web and health”, published in the beginning of the week by Listening Pharma and communications agency Hopscotch to Digital.