Is Seattle or Boston bigger?

Is Seattle or Boston bigger?

Seattle’s population (652,405) is just slightly bigger than Boston’s (645,966) and the median home sale price in 2014 in Boston ($469K) was just slightly bigger than in Seattle ($432K).

Is Seattle colder than Boston?

The prevailing westerly winds influence Seattle more than Boston, because it is closer to the Pacific Ocean, making Seattle cooler in the summer but warmer in the winter. Boston is not as cold as Minnesota in the winter, and it is warmer and much more humid in the summer because of the influence of the Gulf Stream.

Is Boston near Seattle?

Distance from Boston to Seattle The shortest distance (air line) between Boston and Seattle is 2,485.54 mi (4,000.09 km).

How many days a year is it sunny in Boston?

200 sunny days

What US city has the most daylight hours?


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What cities are the cloudiest?

The gloomiest cities in the US

Rank City Annual cloudy days
3 EUGENE 209

What is the sunniest state in the US?


Which state gets the least sunshine?

The absolute least sunny county in the lower U.S. is Island County, Wash. On an average day, it gets only about 60 percent of the solar radiation of a typical county in Southern California. The states bordering the Great Lakes — from Minnesota to New York — are all at the bottom of the sunlight distribution.

What is the healthiest climate to live in?

The Top 5 Healthiest Places to Live in the World

  • Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula. This haven on Costa Rica’s west coast has been named one of the earth’s “Blue Zones,” a place where the longest-lived people reside.
  • Volcán, Panama. “Live long and prosper,” was the traditional Vulcan greeting in the Star Trek series.
  • Vilcabamba, Equador.
  • Sardinia in Italy.
  • New Zealand.