is different!

As I announced, I was on Thursday, last week, on the Demonstration “is different!” in Kiel. Something about 10,000 people were there, including blind people and people with severe Handicaps… One was 35j., sat in an electric wheelchair and was able to move as well as his hands. On the other side of the)device mounted (a giant oxygen. With Conviction, his carers reported he wanted to join in this Demo, the politicians in the country house to show in what condition you are on social assistance dependent, or CAN be. Only, unfortunately, are not interested in this one for us…

By the Sparkassen-Arena in Kiel the HSH Nordbank where we made first strong riot went on from there, a stop at the castle garden, where we threw around 1000 cartons – taking in order to this, Mutatis mutandis, with the caption “Return to sender-undeliverable” as Spapakete in front of the doors of the country day, “” had, so that none of the main entrance and got out! Some of the politicians present were only briefly on the balcony, no reaction or response to us, the protesters, Bare Ignored?!

We were nevertheless proud of and hope to have something moved, at Least a little food for thought… Here are a few photos:

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