Is Agouti dominant in mice?

Is Agouti dominant in mice?

As of 1979, there were 17 known alleles of agouti in mice. It is dominant to all other alleles in the series. When homozygous, it is lethal early in development. Viable yellow Avy looks similar to lethal yellow and also causes obesity, but is not lethal when homozygous.

What is a recessive lethal allele?

Recessive lethals A pair of identical alleles that are both present in an organism that ultimately results in death of that organism are referred to as recessive lethal alleles. Though recessive lethals may code for dominant or recessive traits, they are only fatal in the homozygous condition.

Why are most lethal alleles recessive?

Most lethal genes are recessive. This gene causes a death if both recessive alleles are possessed by the same individual. Recessive lethal alleles do not cause death in the heterozygous form because a certain threshold of protein output is maintained.

Which mouse is lethal?

Lethal yellow (Ay) is a mutation at the mouse agouti (a) locus that is associated with an all-yellow coat color, obesity, diabetes, tumors in heterozygotes, and preimplantation embryonic lethality in homozygotes.

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