Is 5 years old, a little girl saves the life of his father with the call to the rescue

A 5 ans, une petite fille sauve la vie de son père avec l’appel au secours

A little girl of only 5 years is going to called for help by phone when she saw her dad who had problems breathing. You can listen below to the conversation between the rescue and the little girl. In addition to the fact that she is still clever and sharp of mind, she remains a little girl of 5 years old when it launched a few replicas cults and so cute.

Without panic and maturity, she explains the problem to the rescue and do not hesitate to ask the right questions to his father without stressing. At the same time, she narrates her daily life of little girls… In the meantime, she has saved her dad.

When a little girl saves her dad

When his father collapsed to the ground, Savannah immediately called emergency for an ambulance happens ” really quickly “.

For a child of 5 years old, it must be confessed that it is really very impressive. It is expressed in a very clear and precise.

The operator of the call centre of the emergency was the air completely softened. It is shown to be very effective and was able to reassure the girl, while the leading order for it to do the necessary.

Congratulations chip ! And speedy recovery to the gentleman.

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