inversion table for back pain

La table d’inversion pour le mal de dos

The back pain has long been regarded as a fatality. However, there is a much simpler solution and practice to help alleviate back pain and joint even the most stubborn. The inversion table for back pain is part of these solutions are effective against back pain. Therefore, what are the virtues of the therapy of inversion for your health ? A detour on this article to discover the benefits of the use of the inversion table for your back pain.

The inversion table : what is it ?

The inversion table is part of the essential accessories to have on hand to relieve the problems related to the back. It is usually pain or back pain that are difficult to bear throughout the day. This table is specially designed to soothe the pain of the back and some joints. The back pain is usually caused by muscle spasm, poor posture and weight of the age that weakens the spinal column.

Use an inversion table , and associating it with ointments prescribed can were enough to do away with your evil. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor, you would know exactly what inversion table to choose.

Operation of the inversion table

The principle of operation of the inversion table takes into account the severity of low back pain. Here, the principle is to adopt a reverse position, that is to say, that which consists in putting the head down and legs up. This allows you to decompress the nerves, ligaments, and muscles, while creating a certain distance or a gap between the vertebrae. In addition, the reverse position also acts on the blood circulation and the stretching of certain muscles specific, especially those of the abdomen and back.

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However, the inversion table involves the practice of some physical exercises is very beneficial to relieve the back pain, namely :

  • Stretching and abdominal exercises ;
  • The rotation and stretching of your pelvis up to more than 80 ° ;
  • The stretching towards the bottom and clinging to the bars of the table, or even the board.

You have the ability to adjust your angle of rotation. This allows you to go at your own pace and to benefit fully from the virtues of the inversion table for pain in the back and joints.

Therapy inversion : in order to decompress the muscles of the back

The table opposite is recommended for the alleviation of back pain. It is a therapy of inversion which has been proven for a very long time. The benefits of this therapy are :

  • Relief of the joints of the ankle ;
  • Decompression of the blood vessels ;
  • Relief of the joints of the hips and knees ;
  • Relief of the sacro-iliac joint ;
  • Relief of the pelvis and vertebrae ;
  • Relief of the spinal column as a whole.

The inversion table is a decompression tool of the muscles, nerves, and joints of the back, pelvis and hips. It allows you to enjoy the benefits of the therapy inversion in order to overcome your back pain and joint pain.

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