introduction of a nursing – chamber, Why, and for what?

Einführung einer Pflegekammer – Warum und wozu?Care chamber in the form of organization of a public Corporation would be a reasonable step for the professional self-government and thus to the professionalization of the nursing profession. By the state is entrusted with a sovereign task of a professional Association, he makes use of his right to transfer a highly respected professional group, many of the tasks of self-administration. For this purpose, the training and career development, inservice training, the steady quality control, representation of the interests of members before public authorities and institutions, as well as the active support of national and European legislative procedures. The care chamber ensures its recognition in the Public due to high demands on the quality of the work of its members; the introduction of a compulsory health professional card to this promise under walls and hedge.

A professional self-management is therefore more effective as an authority, because it is built by those who entertain more familiar with the subject: the members of the Profession. The social contract empowers you to define the fields of work and professional Standards of the nursing profession, to unify the training including the examination by means of accreditation of training and courses of study, and in order to guarantee a high level of the same. As now organized, mandatory training, and the recognition of elsewhere acquired knowledge be regulated. This requires that in the wide field of tasks of care is a core area is identified, which must only be done by a certified member of the Profession exercised. These reserved tasks may then only be exercised by representatives of the nursing profession (for example, a service provider for sick care in Cologne), other service providers, are allowed to promote or give the appearance that they offer these services.

But also the identification and sanctioning of professional law violations is among the tasks of a public Corporation. A member of the profession does not behave according to the quality requirements, sanctions must be made, the extent of a chamber-based arbitration is often better can be determined as a non-expert lawyers. A binding code of practice for the care could provide the orientation framework.

A chamber is also the right Institution, when it comes to the creation of a schedule of fees for medical professions the DBFK says. Here it is to represent the members of the Profession with a competent voice, so that the inevitable conflicts, for example with health insurance companies in the meaning of the Nursing professionals and, hence, to the increased Use of the well-kept people. If a maintenance chamber can cover the entire care process with members of your profession, you, as a competent contact partner for politics, economy and associations. This chamber would then be asked as a Customer/author a professional studies on the Situation of nursing and the nursing profession.

A prerequisite for a successful establishment of a nursing chamber for the mandatory membership of all professional members. Then they could make their interests known to the Public, and represented, as well as the identification with the profession will increase significantly.