Intox : Video of a nurse French assaulted by a stranger

Intox : Vidéo d’une infirmière française agressée par un étranger

When one knows the discomfort around of nurses and the number of suicide is increasing, for a year one becomes aware that the nurses were attacked in their work, we know that Marisol Touraine does not care much about it, we now know that fachosphère has decided to take the opportunity

You probably have seen these last days in your social networks, a video of a nurse taking a hook from a patient. He said quickly as the scene is happening in France, and that the patient in question was a stranger come to pick up the CMU in France and this day strongly alcoholic. Inevitably, some will take the opportunity to say their deep disgust in the face of those people who do not deserve our respect. If we go further, we also note that these same people will alarm more on these details than on thenurse herself, who is KO in the video. So in the end, they all look the same in this policy today…

Except that the scene takes place in Russia…

Except that this video has never been filmed in France but in a hospital in north-west Russia. This story would place on February 23, 2017, and the man highly alcoholic, has been indicted for “ assault and violence ” and “ assault on a person agent of the authority “. So be aware that this video is true, but not in France.

If one goes further, one could say that we do not have a camera in all the corridors of the hospital, which films in France… And even if there were, some do not record. In my CH, it is as well. In addition, the man here is already charged. In France, it would have had to wait a year and a half before a charge of this type. I still have the experience within my own department…

Finally, I shall show the video, I don’t see the interest but please be aware that this kind of scene is, however, sometimes our daily life and that every week, see every day, caregivers were attacked.