Interview with Melanie Kadereit from the SHD senior care in Dortmund

Woman Kadereit, please introduce to our readers the SHD Dortmund!

The SHD help seniors Dortmund, sees itself as a service provider and communicated in the framework of this service, Eastern European people in the German elderly households.

As in the Dortmund-based company, we serve a variety of satisfied customers in a Radius of about 100 km to Dortmund. We have consciously limited to these areas, because of intensive support and a high standard of service are very important to us. We have made it our mission to relieve relatives of the worry and work, and to give seniors and people with health limitations with the opportunity to remain in familiar surroundings and maintain their social environment.

We are the answer to the questions: How can my household, although I no longer can do many things yourself? Who is responsible for my meals and/or my personal hygiene, if I’m not able to do that?

How is the selection process and how the arrival and departure is regulated?

Our Candidates are selected from our bilingual staff members carefully and directly to the customer. We monitor the arrival and departure times, and the exchange of women carefully, each Transfer is controlled by us. The Candidates will receive professional assistance in all the formalities and be met by our car service directly to the customer.

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For our customers, we are not only to the usual office hours, but there is an emergency number for emergencies. You can also reach us on the weekend. In the event of failure of the financial help, a timely manner, will be replaced by a jumper. Our pricing is affordable and transparent. Our approach is flexible and our focus is on our customers satisfied.

What is the impact of the introduction of the minimum wage in the 24-hour care?

The introduction of the statutory minimum wage makes it problematic to send caregivers to Germany or here. According to § 18 of the ArbZg, the requirements and the Documentation requirements are loosened, however, employment of about 48 hours, is immoral. It is the on-call schedule makes this feasible, since it is easily affordable. Therefore, it may not be required in the posting model to a 24-hour presence of the caregivers. It can only be of the families hoped that the carer leaves the house so often and for a long time. Furthermore, many agencies had to raise their prices to the minimum wage law.

What are the specifics of the particular on the model of the employment of self-employed Care workers has?

On the model of self-employment, the minimum wage, fortunately, has no effect. By the independence, the care can make forces also night services and on-call service. The negotiations on the financial compensation is carried out alone between the client and the carer. The easing of § 18 Para. 1, sentence 3 of the ArbZg, no Documentation requirements, which expenses and the issue of the 10-year retention obligation is due to the large time difficult to implement for the self-employed Care workers.

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Where can I obtain interested for more information?

For more information, please visit our website

Thank you for the interview!