Incomparable: doctor search on the Internet

Incomparable: doctor search on the Internet

Every Patient wants the best treatment for his illness by the specialist physician of his confidence and, of course, of his choice. The way to find him. Almost 70% of us trust the recommendation of other Doctors, often the family doctor. But also the satisfaction of other patients is an important criterion in the search (68%). A whopping 84% your doctor online – and this applies not only to the younger, from home, Internet-savvy Generation. After all, 78% of over 45 Year-olds use the world network. Generally speaking, the vast majority criticized at present, however, the quality and extent of online information provided.

You need specialists, transparency is asked

According to a representative survey by the opinion research Institute, RESEARCH NOW, 8 out of 10 patients want when searching for the right specialists with a high level of medical Expertise is more detailed and transparent information on the Internet. It is of interest to information on medical qualification, to the treatment of difficult-to-points, publications, etc., in order to find the right doctor for the concern. To create better search results on the Internet, of course, first and foremost, the Doctors themselves, and the significance of your respective Homepage. But also special search portals such as Jameda, Sanego, DocInsider, Imedo, Esando, to name just a few examples, always better to the needs of the patients. You can assume that it will come here in a timely manner to the improvement of the Internet information sources.

No Internet: What now?

Nevertheless, it is in reality frequently so that the care of elderly patients reasons, either out of pure age, or because existing physical or mental Handicaps in the global Surfing are not freely able to participate. Good, in terms of personnel adequately equipped to care services know exactly the issue and have adjusted to the fact. The professional staff of HUMANIS take, for example, already for years, like any Form of Research, Calls, appointments, etc. for their patients in supportive or fully satisfying in the Hand. Advantages at a 1:1 care. The specialist search on the Internet course.

You can not be in the fortunate position of HUMANIS care to, helps you search, your health insurance company for the Specialist and the dates that you can not a quarter of a year wait to Get. The Association of sickness Fund doctors can tell you the Date of communication of their health insurance under 030 / 340 60 66 – 01 . Give it a try!

by Adriano Pierobon, Gerontologist (FH), MBAIn General