In their own case – New from Altona: From intensive care center

is Intensive

The work in an intensive care unit is not only skilled nursing care, a special challenge. Thus, patients can be treated according to current Knowledge, and on the Basis of the latest findings, not only in terms of personnel, but also spatially and in terms of the technical equipment a lot and offered to be considered. It is also important to take the processes very carefully. So the paths for patients and staff can be limited to the Minimum necessary.

In Altona, a new one is currently under intensive centre. This is, I think, also for the care of the development of an exciting theme, which will be accompanied by my colleagues, the care coordinator Jens Mersmann in terms of content, in Detail. I asked why a bit of time with him. In my findings, I’ll let the readers of this blog would like to share.

The new intensive centre – new job, new opportunities

From 2019, we will have the state of the art Station for intensive care medicine and nursing, Intermediate Care (IMC), as well as to the care of complex neurological patients on a level in Hamburg. At the Moment, the spatial distances between the closely cooperation places high demands on the caregivers. Because much will be certainly easier. I also see the Chance that the different Teams IMC cooperate in the ICU, the IMC Station, the neurological Stroke unit and the Neuro -. So you can’t work together, within their respective center of gravity, but to also grow a large Team of the intensive centre. Thereby, different opportunities to learn from each other and can also benefit.

Here is the Chance to be part of the team and the new is the intense centre

Who wants to make a career change in care or continue to develop, the centre offers you in the new Intensive so really, the Chance for a future-oriented and exciting workplace. This is because a modern intensive centre can grow in the end, only then, if the Team is still growing. For this, we need motivated people who face this challenge. I’m curious, for my part, as it is with the emergence of more and will report from time to time, news from the intensive centre.

Photo: Asklepios Kliniken