In the System of care in the hospital, it’s up to each Individual

The long beach of Sankt Peter-Ording I love very much. Extensive walks on the beach in the Wind and weather, the Vastness of the sky, the fresh, salty air and the turbulent North sea. Then I can switch off from it all, inside refuel and gain strength for my Job in nursing.

For everyday care issues such as Work intensification, savings, employ me not again occupied work, growing standardization in the organization. I often think about the questioning and reflecting on the System. I still go with a lot of idealism in the care. My idealist fighting coloured by appeal to a nurse, sometimes inwardly, with the economic system of the hospital.

In-patient care remains an aspiration for professionalization and optimization in the jungle of cost minimisation and under the pressure of a sustainable documentation. Legal changes create new requirements for care. At all hierarchical levels. Efficiency and effectiveness are terms, with which also we, the nursing staff, is critical. Pressure is – like in many Professions – a constant companion in everyday work. Me a view of my favorite beach helps deal with this pressure.

A house on the beach is in need of care

You know, the stilt houses on the beach of Sankt Peter-Ording? The are great on stilts-built wooden houses, in Restaurants, and a surf school. Beach visitors over the year as a whole, the variety on offer. The houses are located in the Wadden sea and are exposed to the Tides, ebb and flood, unprotected. Also, of course, ordinary North sea towers pull in the spring and in the autumn of of them.

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Maintenance of value and appreciation

I imagine that a hospital is like these stilt houses: the outside weather conditions exposed to, and of the powerful Storms raging around them. Such a house on stilts lives of the people who take care of it and maintain it. Every single piece of wood, this construction provides for structural stability and wants to be cared for and preserved. In my imagination it works like this: The more people with the house, its values and content to identify the meaningfulness of their activity, on the Whole, recognize, and value, the more sustainable the positive overall result. I believe that it is, then the more likely it will be able to receive quality care and increase. As a hospital of its employees lives. You are the most important resource.


Then I imagine what it would be like if every person tried to do in every Moment, with its opportunities to be the Best. Then he would create the best conditions for the next Moment. Or?

I look again to the stilt houses on the beach of Sankt Peter-Ording, I see not only a timber construction. I see an entire System. And in this System, it’s up to each Individual.

Photo: Britta Sanders