impotence and anger: Sometimes everything is to much

There are days where the patient’s care to be running around absolutely. The other day was a day on my Station. My ambitions, my idealism and my constant optimism were shaken. It was as if stones were everywhere in the way, and Progress was not easy to think of. I had the feeling that there is nothing more to do. Nothing.

What is this type of job as a Deputy station line, when I felt subjectively, I’m in the Moment so helpless? Then I would have been able to stay the little night owl. I had been hit with the fist on the table. Or loudly cursed. So angry and helpless I felt. Actually, I’m a peaceful person that can represent his position well and safe, but most of the time before the head comes on, the countenance preserves and then argumentative, and clearly speaks. What had happened?

Phase of familiarization to the new Station

Since a couple of weeks I have been working as medical and health nurse and Deputy ward Manager on an interdisciplinary ward for vascular surgery and gastroenterology. The first days and weeks after many years in the speaking medicine are very unusual for me. The unfamiliar-care measures in the patient care and partially unstructured sequences called my guard to attention. The patient support of my experienced colleagues, I win in the meantime is becoming increasingly somatic care Routine. Still, I’m sometimes very tired and broken by the service to your home. My head is buzzing from all the new impressions. And shoulders hurt from Turning and Bearings, maintenance-intensive patients. For these patients, we need to take care of the body, and if you can’t move, we rotate, so you get no pressure points. The work at the Desk for this Blog stayed for a couple of weeks undone. This is for me, but everything is still in the normal range of patient care in the station everyday.

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At the early service, the Team is decimated

On the day in question I arrived to the service beginning at 5:54 PM in the station room. Even before the first coffee in the news that colleagues disease fail due to befell me. Something like this happens. Everyone will get sick. But a failure means that the already thin staffing is still lean, and that under the figuratively spoken in the ceiling of the head and feet are freezing. Because it is simply not enough. So that was the Start of the day. After a few minutes to have a structured Plan for dealing with the early service was developed. Went off it. Noteworthy, as well, but then a lot of work. Each of my colleagues worked focused through his patient’s room. The nursing Directorate was informed about the Staff shortage and insured, to provide support. All that sounds really good?

The ordinary madness?

Meanwhile, the Doctors ran the Rounds through the room. The two station’s phones rang without ceasing, and the Secretary had trouble to keep in the impending Chaos alone. A dozen einbestellter patients found in the course of the morning, on the Station to record, and the Central emergency room felt asked in Ten minutes to free beds. Unfortunately, my Team and I afterwards came up with the dismissals, nor were all the dismissal letters. Of course, things like the Association had to be carried out and patients are prepared for scheduled operations. The Rounds wanted to, of course, be quickly prepared, yet the Doctors had the patient files in their hands.

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It is difficult in such situations to do a work. Many interruptions require more concentration, so as not to forget anything. I thought of an anthill – it seemed to me that ants are a more structured people. So more like a flea circus resembled my Station on this day. It appeared to me, as everything went out of control. And the feeling to be totally inadequate, saturated me. I don’t like this at all.

The Nursing Director came forward and announced nursing help. Hallelujah! Finally, we had to support. The discharged patients received their provisional dismissal letters, and left the Station. In cooperation with the cleaning staff, new, clean beds and rooms were prepared, so that in the common room waiting for new patients could be admitted. An end to the Chaos seemed to for the staff of the early service in sight.

A good feeling at the end

We have done it again. Even if there are some things that could have gone better. A few weeks ago, I began my work on this Station. With cunning thoughts, highly motivated, and structure, loving, I hoped to create quickly a complex concept, this large interdisciplinary Team to bring together and to organize. It needs but time. And Patience. It is naive to think that all of a sudden a miracle happens.

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There will always be moments in the stationary everyday life, which seem to barely cope. The aim is to identify what can create the Team alone and when it requires outside help. And I’m sure that it takes mutual trust, mutual appreciation and a Portion of organizational talent. The only way it will work.

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