I take care of … people!

In Germany, 82 million people live. Soon half of our population are at a young age in need of Care. All of these people are dependent on the help of the nurses and other employees of the health and social care.

This I know: It is not always easy!

The profession of a nurse are required, the exercises such a lot of. You experienced many things which are not received always cheerful, such as the die, old and sick people, the neglect of family members, as well as the physical and mental suffering of many clients. No matter whether Inpatient or Outpatient.

There are, of course, also wonderful experiences in the care environment. I am glad, if I could one of my care recipients to put a smile on your face, because I think I’m with him, I have no time for him to take and just as am. No matter where the Shoe pinches!

Why am I doing this ?

In my profession I learn a lot about the life and behavior of different people. Experience the stories and see almost daily progress. The Laughter and well-being of the client comes to me and pleases me. It motivates me to always do something good and it helps me often in my life…