I love the ambulance

J’adore les ambulanciers

Ah the ambulance, in our business we have an approach with them that is worthy sometimes to a romance. As in any profession, such as ours, there are good emts and good… today, I stumbled on this last category and more than once !

A paramedic grumpy

Maybe some paramedics will fall on this article and will be able to explain (or defend ?) your job. I strongly encourages.

My experience of the day is due to a fault ill-timed elevators. It had sustained during this weekend’s heat wave, where I had focused on two floors of patients in a wheelchair, but it has suffered again this day with a new crash at 8: 30 am of the two elevators. For you to short, the failure is caused by a defective part that must be changed and ordered. It’s like a car, be sure the piece arrives… So it reminds our workers or the agency in charge of the lifts for the repair.

A first “couple” ofambulance, coming without the stretcher, to search for a patient from chemotherapy. They report that the lifts are out of order. Certainly, but I warn that the little lady won’t be able to walk, too tired, and especially “too much” infused. They do not say anything, but it feels like the grunt is not far away. I am looking for a trick to stop the elevator, note that it is located on the first floor. I found another way and be able to use the elevator located in another building, they will have gone through the self to the hospital. I have not found better ! It’s accompanied by, but came in front of eight steps, they will refuse to go down there. “Well, you can take a chair to get off these eight steps ?! “Refusal, they will start leaving the patient who will not have chemo that day. I thought that ambulances were a service for the patients ? Apparently we care about their support ?

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Second time this morning, the admissions call for the return of a patient with the ambulance, stretcher, who did not seem to know how to mount the patient… Ok, I get I loose from the service to go help them. Just arrived, one of the two paramedics typing his scandal, shouting that :

  • “It is unacceptable, it is where there, that is what this hospital is, etc.”….
  • “Ok sir, you I do not know you, you must come very seldom in our hospital. I suffered this outage, you will not receive it only once. And then even a hospital has the right to have a time a lift fails, it is not infallible and in this time the technicians the repair ! Apart from patience, you need what ? Not worth it so yelling at me, at the worst are you going to complain to the office of the director which is at the end of the corridor (you and your jean which you are using the uniform !)
  • “Yes, but how can I do to mount it there, it has oxygen and all its affairs, it is no matter what ! “
  • “Listen,” the business agent is going to mount them, the little lady is going to take him off the oxygen to the time of the climb to the 1ST FLOOR ! It will be switched back immediately after… This is crazy ! You are trained in brancardage when same and me not tell anyone what I did 4 years of the same job before you do nurse. “

I will send over the word the Rant Grumpy. I don’t know, but you think sometimes that there is a patient on the stretcher ? Not all are like that, fortunately, but you should not be surprised if in the middle you think that you are a Taxi rather than anything else. I know very good the paramedics, I think maybe because they are passionate and motivated by their job ? You make a training, when in fact I shaped some being monitor…

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When you go to pick someone up at their home, you hop on and off from home, leave time to take the stairs ! Your folding chair is made for that. I carried the patients on two floors several times during the heat wave, I have not bitched ! The patients did not need to hear this.

I don’t know, but go up a floor, it is pretty darn hard… That a patient does not have his chemo because of your transport which has not been insured for a few unfortunate steps, you don’t mind ? In addition, it helps you often to brancarder a patient… anyway, that was my little rant of the day. I greet even some paramedics. That day I fell probably on the lazy tainting your job, as you need to drop both of the nurses not kind, it happens.

In fact, not come talk to me about their conduct on the road, I’m not talking about that. (I see you coming :p)