I have pain of rules !

J’ai des douleurs de règles !

A young 19 year old girl presents to the emergency room for pelvic pain. Quickly, it will be hardly in place due to a home very full… After interrogation, this girl said especially of the pain of rules that make him really evil. But no need of a physician, we said it !

“I just need a infusion and after it will be better, I’ll come ! “

Yes, as the 20 people around you. Everyone needs an infusion, but it is not the mac do here… And if not, has she taken a painkiller ? Not because she said have in his bag (of ixprim in addition to…) but that it has not yet taken. Well, you take your ixprim and we will see later, in the meantime, it is the queue like the others. After a few minutes, it will leave of it-even the emergency room without care, without medical consultation. But it will still be asked to host a small word, attesting to its passage, if ever she was too tired to ensure the day the next day… “And then quickly, if you please, I’m in a hurry” … Like what, this was not yet an emergency.

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