I have a chest pain… what is sex ?

J’ai une douleur thoracique… C’est quoi le sexe ?

You don’t know this, maybe not, but a lot of young girls come to the er to find out if they are pregnant. I would spend some of the details on their motivations passengers, but it is quite fun and mostly boring to see them disembark.

In fact, many want to have the result immediately. Many do not want to buy pregnancy test because either it is too expensive or is a discomfort to go buy it. For the first reason, it could be valid at a certain time, or we can find pregnancy tests at 7 euros. Hey Miss, your consultation to the emergency room, you’re going to pay as much (but we will talk about later). For the second reason, you were not embarrassed to have it done, laugh with your girlfriends and come to see us, we. Or maybe she also thinks that the blood test is more reliable than pregnancy test… do they Know that one can precisely determine when the design of the baby with just the blood work ? They would be really malignant and aware of many things.

Recently, a young girl came to see us for… of the chest pain. Note, first, that it was with all these girlfriends 18 years “I foutisme ” and eating gracefully on his stretcher a Greek that his girlfriend had brought him back… In any case, the smell has given us that hunger in the service. So it comes to chest pain, a rare thing in a young 18 years of age but to take them seriously. In the light, the doubt placed me all the same. When I informed him that I set up, in its box, the first question was : “and you’re going to make me a blood ? “– ” Hum yes, probably” . – “And you will be able to do the test to find out if I am pregnant there ” – ” Hmmm we’ll see…” . You feel the real reason for this particular moment in the why is it there ?

Once installed and coming for his blood, the young wanton asked me then : “And will we know if I’m pregnant huh ? “– “Yes, we are going to do the test, since you need to make a radio we need to know if you are pregnant… ” – ” And why you put me in a infusion, it is going to hurt, I want not ! I had just been for a blood of me ” – ” Yes, but it is in the er here and you come to a chest pain, I remind you, so you will have an infusion” . Oddly-between-time, the chest pain had disappeared in the passage. Note-the. When the doctor will see it and will come out of the box, I quickly felt an annoyed look that she had also requested to know if she was pregnant. After all, it was very well understood that she wanted confirmation of her pregnancy. It has, therefore, made to wait for the results, a little longer than the average.

Later, tests confirmed that she was pregnant. The wait was long for it… Normal, it was not an emergency for us. She asked how much it will cost him all this, once more it happens to be thrown. Even if it will cost him certainly not large thing in fact, it is reported that the support of an emergency physician, a blood draw, an infusion, an EKG, a radio from the chest, all this brings together to go cost him the equivalent of what it pays out in Greek by months. She did not understand at the time, but we were relaxed as could be ! Go girl, don’t worry for the invoice. She thanked us all the same (a rare thing) and went back home. Has the innocence of the youth of today… No worries though, she was still respectful and endearing this little.