I can’t accompany him to the emergency room ?

Je ne peux pas l’accompagner aux urgences ?

It is true that, why is it that when I accompany my mother or my father, my grand mother or my grand-father, my wife or my husband, it doesn’t allow me to follow in emergencies ?

When one is at the reception of the emergency, one is often confronted with a part of the family accompanying a patient. After all, it is normal. In our box Home, we let them enter. Both to explain and to be explained also. Or sometimes respond to questions.

Except that after, within the same emergency, the family can no longer follow. It is well there the problem, for them. You explain to them, sometimes several times, some understand and others do not. Or we think that they have understood and you quickly realize that it is not. Then why not allowing the families ?

It is forbidden to go to the emergency room to see a parent ?

You should know that you do not let you enter straight away but after that may be possible ! Good the problem is that after maybe a long time after… let’s Start from the beginning.

We welcome you, the patient explains the problem, the family also. We made our home and so our sort. Then it was explained that the patient will be taken to the care area to see the doctor as well as our colleagues and nurses who will look to make the “techniquer” (blood, infusion, radio, etc.). During this first part, as a coach, you have to wait in the waiting room. Why ? The main reason is the lack of space. It was already sometimes struggling to get through with a stretcher or on our trolley and if you stay close to the stretcher of the patient, it’s coming up more. For example, yesterday there was only one person stood by with a stretcher, I asked him unceasingly to allow me to write with other stretchers. And it must be confessed also that it is to avoid being arrested constantly… One runs already across and it is well known that the main question will be : “And otherwise we see when the doctor ?” . We will not be able to reply to you, I am not the doctor precisely. I am like you, I’m waiting to know when he’ll be able to see you !

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And also because it has that 13 box. Then for 50 patients at the same time, you will understand that you will not be all in one box. Imagine all of the stretchers accompanied each of a minimum of 2 people, understand the ” bronx “.

You know each service with its ” rules “. The services do not allow visits in the afternoon, why ? Because the morning is reserved for the doctor’s visit and care. This you agree. For someone who is going to give birth, only a person (in this case the husband) is accepted in the delivery room. When step-mom wants to see her daughter, the husband takes his place in the waiting room. You agree to it. Therefore agree that the emergencies have also a settlement. You do not follow the departure of the support, but you will get there as soon as possible !

Is allowed to enter but there is a but.

So be careful, it still leaves accompany some patients. Already the parents of the children, we let you in, always. By contrast, Grandma and Grandpa will be waiting in the waiting room. It also leaves the companions of individuals that one could not necessarily manage (neurodegenerative disease, Alzheimer’s disease, person who will not be quiet if a familiar face is not there, etc etc). We are still human, but certain rules must be respected for proper operation. Do not think that your parent is alone on the stretcher, lost behind a curtain or in the corner of a hallway. There are always carers around, it is happening constantly, there was always a look on the stretcher or on a small word. Yes, it is difficult for you.

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You enter through the suite. Or at the moment when the doctor makes the consultation and needs to collect information from you or after when all the examinations have taken place and you can say hello to your parent. But sometimes the wait is long due to the number of emergencies or priorities… Certainly an elderly person is weak and we must take care of them but sometimes they can’t do it like in the checkout of a store and let her pass in front of the other. This 40 year old man that a heart attack in the next be seen before, and we will work around it.

Of course, we cannot satisfy everyone and it’ll never be the true answer to this problem. Aside to build an emergency service, size XXL. But do not think that if you refuses for the moment to see your parent, is that it is inhumane, and it’s nothing to fuck. It’s just a constraint of service primarily and not against you. And if you do and you get that 1 hour after, it is that one does not have the choice but your parent was not alone. We also know what it is and you can imagine to your site (it has even sometimes been also).

Attention, I repeat : It is not forbidden ! This word is strong, it does sometimes. It just says that you can accompany that by the following. It may be hard to understand this explanation, but we hope to still be able to get a few. We know that some continue to see this constraint as a prohibition against arbitrary with no real solution, but since when in the world is perfect ? It would be necessary to think about the future and refocus the benevolence of another person in support of care. I say that…

And most of all, for all this, we caregivers are there for nothing and for us also it is subjected to these constraints.

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It is hard to hear that it is inhuman…

To finish off I would tell a little anecdote that has happened to me a while ago. I was at home and I answer to a family’s insistence, who wanted to see their parent age of 75 years. The husband and family ask me so go and see the madam. I ask them to wait a moment, I looked at where it is located (on our computers, we can know where a person is in “almost” real time). The husband replied that he knows : “in the small hallway of the radio” . So if it is in the hallway, she passes her radio or she has finished and so she will be walked in the area of health care. I explained to him so that I look at it anyway, because she had to move location at the time. They won’t listen to me and I call from the see. I explain again that they will see but that it must be that I look at where she is. But they continue to not listen and start to scream that I refuse to get them. So once again, I reply that I have never been refused entry and I do that inform me to know where to find their parent ! But sometimes we only listen to what you want…

I’d deal with it by following a person inhuman, and the husband would force the passage to join his wife. I would be in this famous small hallway but without his wife. He seeks it everywhere. I tell him : “you see, I told you that it would be no longer there, but you have not listened. “He does not listen and he searches everywhere in the nursing field. And look at look at the care area, looking through the doors, on stretchers without qualms or embarrassment. And it is because of people like them that we no longer enter the other.

Your parent is the patient, but you have to stay patient.