I am looking for the patient

You have already been told the joke of the patient ?

This visit, the one that we see rarely or never and which one encounters in the hallway of your service, looking desperately for the doors of rooms and this several times, hoping – phad-be – between-time one of the rooms to change the name of the patient ! Without coming to ask you any help for you, knowing that you are there.

And then who comes to you and asks you politely :

– ” Mr Maladeuh* is not in his room ? “

– ” Mr ? I can’t see who it is… “

– ” But if it was in the middle of the hallway ! At 45 “

– ” No madam, I don’t have anyone of that name in the service. “

– ” You are on ? However, I have come to see ! “

– ” Maybe on the floor below mrs… “

– ” I don’t know, he’s from may be… “

– ” Hm, no, I’ve never had a patient with this name “

– ” Ah good you are on ? “

– ” Groumph… Moui madam, I am sure. “

– ” Well I’m going to pick… “

– ” Look on the floor below the lady ! “

– ” Yes, thank you ! “

And she has to go back to the 45 then goes…

This is crazy, you should have you believe, you who work with patients of YOUR service each day of the months and months… But no, it continues to make you believe that there are patients that you are not even know they are there !

So please ladies and gentlemen visitors, do not try desperately to be someone running back and forth in the service without asking his way to the staff that you ignore passing next to them. And when you ask finally your path, believe them ! They are familiar with their service, normally.

Thank you for taken into account our message. It was a message from the ministry of the good cause.

* Name changed for the cause.