HUMANIS-care: home living: What can I do?

HUMANIS-care: home living: What can I do?

According to data from the Federal Statistical office, in 2050 it will be every third 60 years of age or older. With the growing life expectancy, the risk, help, or care increases to be in need of. Due to the decline in birth numbers, there are less descendants, who can maintain and also the state cannot bear the growing burden.

In spite of everything most people want, however, the evening of Life in your own four walls. The Familiar and the familiar surroundings provide security and ensure a stable social environment with friends and family. But often, the personal life can change the situation by accident, or else quickly. We of HUMANIS have some suggestions for you on how accidents can be avoided and what can help to live long at home.

  1. Barrier-free Housing protects from drops

A barrier-free apartment is a home from home, with no obstacles, and the injury reduces the risk of the age. This includes stairs, high door sills, or slip end of carpet. Small precautions (non-slip bottom, not documents), floor-level showers, sufficient lighting or ramps to the Thresholds only facilitate the patients, the stand-alone Move, but also caring relatives or a caregiver to facilitate the work. In addition, falls can be prevented, the phenomena by your consequence of often the Alone-‘ll be impossible to make. Are you looking for a professional residential counseling center in your vicinity, you will find them under:

  1. You can get helpful technology

If it allows the health Situation, are also small technical AIDS is useful. So there is a seniors Computer that is easy to use and various AIDS for Everyday life. Think of gripping AIDS in the bathroom, Reading and writing AIDS, window handle extensions, large button phones, or walking AIDS, automatic doors, or when to lift. These tools ensure that the daily routine at home. You do not have 24-hour care, such as HUMANIS, at any time, to the side, you can think about if you have health problems, there is also a house emergency.

Because one is often distracted by phone calls or other, it can happen quickly, that one forgets the stove. An automatic oven monitoring can be useful and is easy to install. Because burnt food is not only annoying, but also a source of Fire, as long as it is unnoticed.

  1. Also, the residential environment is important

When you get older, changes in the living environment, many factors. You may found the quiet street with 50 years ago, still great, but now in the age of the tranquillity strengthened her feeling of Loneliness – or Vice versa.

The decision, whether to their living environment, age is for you personally, you decide alone, you Are and your possibilities. You must be careful in these Considerations, but also on the quality of the roads, or if enough banks are on your walking route, you are well connected to public transport, or how your contact to the neighbors. You can hope for here on small supports? Are grocery stores, banks and doctor’s offices in your area?

Have you maintained friendships, even in old age? You can support each other? Small talks over a Cup of tea, or an invitation to a barbecue, or other small things strengthen the bond and give you your a feeling of security.

Your personal network is the organization of Purchasing groups, Fetch and bring services, or exchanges (I clean the window, you bake a cake.) no longer a Problem.

Or, let a professional care service to support, either by the day or by the hour helps, or, like the nurses and keepers of HUMANIS, just 24 hours at your side. Then the everyday life in joy and comfort spend and growing old in one’s own four walls is, if the spirit and of power break down at some point, nothing in the way. If you are interested in the services from us, or free information, want to request, you can find more information here:

by Adriano Pierobon, Gerontologist (FH), MBAIn General