How would you describe someone who has 2 different alleles for the same gene?

How would you describe someone who has 2 different alleles for the same gene?

An organism in which the two copies of the gene are identical — that is, have the same allele — is called homozygous for that gene. An organism which has two different alleles of the gene is called heterozygous.

What is it called if two genes are found on the same chromosome?

Genes that are located on the same chromosome are called linked genes. Alleles for these genes tend to segregate together during meiosis, unless they are separated by crossing-over. Crossing-over occurs when two homologous chromosomes exchange genetic material during meiosis I.

What is an allele and how does it relate to a chromosome a gene and a trait?

Gene vs allele: chart

Gene Allele
Definition A section of DNA that encodes for a certain trait A variant form of a gene
Role Genes determine individual traits Alleles contribute the diversity in phenotype expression
Determines An organism’s genotype An organism’s phenotype
Number per genus locus One Two

Are two alleles for the same gene in a homologous chromosome pair equivalent?

Do two homologous chromosomes always have the same genes? Alleles for each gene? If two chromosomes are homologous that means that the pair has chromosomes with the same set of genes. Two homologous genes can have different versions of the same gene (alleles).

What do the two members of a homologous chromosome pair have in common?

The two chromosomes in a homologous pair are very similar to one another and have the same size and shape. Most importantly, they carry the same type of genetic information: that is, they have the same genes in the same locations.

Which of the following is a good example of multiple alleles?

An excellent example of multiple allele inheritance is human blood type. Blood type exists as four possible phenotypes: A, B, AB, & O. There are 3 alleles for the gene that determines blood type.