How we can burn together for health – and how from it light and heat

As human beings, we are fantastic in performance. In the world of work but these are only very rare individuals. Usually many people work together to come to a common, otherwise unattainable goal.

In the hospital we are in need of this type of cooperation. In the ideal case, a lot of different professional working groups, in order to allow our patients a good course of treatment and hopefully a cure.

Next to us, nursing staff, Doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, service workers, and many more are involved. Also, the large area of technology and accounting. The list could still expand. Only if the Interaction of all professional groups, is a hospital function efficiently and is now more important than ever to operate economically.

In the ICU

In the intensive area of cooperation between nursing and medical service is particularly challenging. I would now write, that this is always the target and running smoothly, would shake, my colleagues and employees right to the head. It is not always easy. A bit like in a marriage. Together, we will experience “good times”, but also “bad times”.

To different many a Time, are the views or the priorities set. As nurses, we have a different type of relationship with our patients than the Doctors. We are very close to you. We are experiencing many small successes and failures. We develop after a short time, a very intense feeling for you and your disease. This is supplemented after the training by the professional experience and many continuing education and training. In the intensive area of the multi-year qualification with the Specialist nurse for intensive care is here, for example, to call medicine.

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By the contact with the relatives we get many more important information. I would go so far as to claim that we follow as nurses, in contrast to the medical service, a holistic approach. For this purpose, many doctors are also because of the increasing specialization in the location. Also, many of the “alternative” point of view have, as well as cultural or spiritual concerns in the medical review less space. The care is complex and in many Parts more tolerant.

If heat of fire is

From these different work ways, of course, also conflicts. There may be disagreements and, often, dissatisfaction with medical decisions. Now nurses are Intense to the outside is usually a very self-confident people. A majority of them are not afraid to go with other professions in the substantive Repartee. Of course, on a purely verbal level. That qualified and structured work end nurses a beginning of the young graduates in specific labor issues is usually far superior, and is certainly not surprising. The doctor bears the responsibility for his orders.

The combination of all the above factors can cause a nice fire. If it runs bad, even a surface fire. This Doctors makes sometimes a great challenge. Some Doctors play with fire, but unfortunately, quite innocently.

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The Nice thing about this fire is that it gives off light and heat. There is no harm if one is willing to deal with him. Nursing is a passionate and energetic professional.

As a station on the line, I burn. I love my Job. Sometimes I hate that I do. But I belong to the incorrigible group: “I would do it again…” As a station line, I have to get but also, of course, the fire extinguisher out.

Common search for solutions

Thus, I can close the circle again. Cooperation. If colleagues have not brought the fire itself under control – and this is usually the case, begins the work of its leaders.

Together with the senior doctor or head physician, we are talking about. Should burn the whole countryside, come to our Department, our nursing Director, or other participating departments and professions. I guess these conversations, whether in small or large frame. We exchange us. Together, we search for causes and solutions. We agree on common goals and try to make it a coherent concept.

We are simple, we give and give our Best, together, for light and heat. One or the other Time, we must also find “clear words”. Why? Because we all want to work together. The everyday and the extreme work density to make us of this to. Also, the high emotional stress makes the cooperation easier.

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What connects us

What connects us as professional groups, is the realization that you can’t do one without the other work. Although this would be an amusing spectacle…

When I look at my Station, it’s amazing and makes me proud. If the cooperation of all Stakeholders to be running around, it’s like in a well choreographed Film. All the thinking, everyone knows what to do. Things are “on Hand” before anyone has asked. For all kinds of situations, and is taken care of and everything is quiet, focused, and structured. Everyone takes a role in a harmonious to each other. Yes, this works in fact, most of the time.

If it would always be so, but it would be kind of boring, or? In some cases, this frictional heat and the heat the fire generates. This fire can then create the space for New. So, too, ideas that previously had no place to Grow.

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