How to treat fungal infections of the foot ?

Comment traiter les mycoses du pied ?

When your feet are suffering from yeast infections, they can get infections. These can come from dermatophytes, which feed on fungi that grow on your feet. This can be fostered by the shoes which have a temperature favourable to the evolution of fungi. Hence the urgency to cure this disease. Here are a few tips to treat fungal infections of the foot.

Natural solutions

There are many natural solutions to treat fungal infections of the foot or feet of the athlete.

  • You can use the baking soda. This white powder can be simply and effective to put an end to the proliferation of fungi on your feet. You can dilute 4 tablespoons of this product in at least a liter of lukewarm water before putting your feet inside for a period of a quarter of an hour ;
  • You can also use homeopathy if you want to treat fungal infections of the feet simply put, at least two times per day of tincture mother calendula on the wound or infected area ;
  • The essential oil has also proved to be effective for treating the feet of the athlete. For optimal treatment, it is advisable to use the essential oil of tea tree, palmarosa, cedarwood Atlas, or of lavender. Your essential oil, you need to add a few drops of sweet almond oil before applying on the surface reached at least 3 times a day until the disappearance of the fungus.

Some drug solutions

Face at the feet of the athlete, one can also make use of drugs to eliminate them.

In case of mycosis of the skin, the creams or antifungal powders are preferable to lotions, that are more adapted to yeast infections in the folds. All contain molecules with a wide spectrum, that is to say, active on different types of mushrooms. Irritation, redness or burns are possible in the application, but they are most often transient ;

When this are your nails suffering from the pangs of disease, the best solution is to put a varnish based hamorolfine. You can’t put a time on a weekly basis ;

It is important to note that the varnish non-medicated are unique in that they have properties antifungal. The acids in these varnishes have the role of strengthening the nail, creating the opportunity of an area difficult to access for the fungus to spread. But to get by in the face of these fungi, it is important to adopt a number of rules of hygiene.

Some rules of hygiene to overcome yeast infections

To prevent infection, or even recurrence, it is important to take a few simple measures :

  • You need to take for a habit to change your socks every day ;
  • It is also crucial to dry the shoes before wearing. You should also avoid wearing more than two times successive ;
  • You must also apply the measures of hygiene in your shower where you’ll have to clean it twice a week ;
  • If you are in a humid area, consider wearing shoes ;
  • After the shower or the swimming pool, you must also think about drying of the feet.