How to stay in top shape during her pregnancy and after the birth?

If being pregnant is obviously not a disease, however, it is imperative to adhere to certain instructions of their doctor and not to stop any activity during pregnancy. Quite the contrary, you can carry out the same, and prepare for your birth in an active and efficient.

Medical assistance

Pregnancy can trigger anxiety. In fact, thinking about the delivery apeure sometimes constituted a source of stress. For better understanding, medical treatment, and homeopathic are possible. The doctors you argue with the rest, relaxation, and ask the dad to show himself present during the entire period of ” less well “.

Take Chamonilla 7ch soothes the character too and often irritable. Ipeca 5ch reduces the nausea, and the Pulsatilla 15ch decreases the hyperemotivity. Side stretch marks, Silicea and Calcarea Flurica are ideal. Finally, please do not hesitate to take Nux Vomica 5ch and Iris Versicolor 5ch. But as always, if you have the slightest doubt, ask the advice of a health professional !

Comment rester au top de sa forme pendant sa grossesse et après l’accouchement?The course of preparation for childbirth will give you an overview of what you reserve on the day J. Perfect to prepare and approach it with confidence, they will help to make you more relaxed if you are taking part in, ideally in the company of the future dad who, although privileged by its status as a simple assistant, is not exempt from effort. These courses will provide you with more information on positions to be taken, to be listening more to your body, and relaxation exercises.

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Finally, the nurses talk to you, reassure you and involved in your needs medical and psychological. They renewal actually your compresses and, if needed, they take your blood pressure and temperature, but you listen also in the case where you would ask questions at the level of your menstrual cycles, back layers or mounted on milk.

Hardware solutions and food

The power remains a major element for the health of the mother, as well as for the baby. During lactation and during your moments of rest, opt for a cushion of comfort. It helps you better snap your back, and your shoulders. Your body will not suffer shock individuals, and your belly will not make you suffer.

On the cooking side, certain foods can cause disgust, then you raffoliez before your pregnancy. Don’t worry to much, you will find yourself gradually your inclinations for such-and-such a dish when baby will be born. For the time being, eat what you want, without too much exaggeration, nor without depriving yourself.

Comment rester au top de sa forme pendant sa grossesse et après l’accouchement?Dress you with clothes suitable for your size and/or specific to the pregnancy such as those marketed by Natiloo. Too tight, you will feel pain in the lower belly, and your blood circulation will not occur normally. Too wide, you will run out of maintenance to the level of your chest and your belly.

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For you will always feel beautiful and seductive, nothing prevents you from applying make-up. However, be careful with allergic reactions ! Your hormones are not working the same way, your skin can react differently. You may see some redness. Also watch out for fragrances that you usually use. The smells more strong may give you nausea. The care creams moisturizing and revitalizing properties will be welcome to rejuvenate your skin.

As many tips that will help you to fully live your prenatal period, and to stay in “great shape” olympic “. You will appear always as radiant, if not more