How to re-educate their pelvic floor ?

Comment rééduquer son plancher pelvien ?

The pelvic floor or perineum is a muscle in the bottom of the belly, supporting the baby and uterus during pregnancy in the woman. His rehabilitation prevents problems from incontinence, the descent of the organ, the pain areas birth canal-perineal ano-rectal, the belt lumbo-pelvic and some sexual disorders. Of muscle pelvic floor is very beneficial after childbirth or with age and can increase sexual pleasure. Its maintenance is important to ensure its sustainable efficiency in women and even in men. The device to develop muscles of the perineum, is available on, a website that specializes in the beauty, well-being, hygiene, health and cosmetics. You’ll find everything you need!!!

Natural exercises to re-educate their pelvic floor

The kegel exercises are among the best for muscle pelvic floor woman and woman. They bear the name of their creator Kegel, an american gynecologist from the 1940s. The method Kegel aims to take awareness of the perineum, to facilitate healing after pregnancy, activate blood circulation, tone the muscles of the perineum to avoid problems of urinary leakage and incontinence.

These exercises can be practiced by everyone, they are to make contractions and décontractions of the perineum. For this, it is necessary to tighten for as long as possible the pelvic floor muscles, as if wanting to restrain an urge to urinate, and then release it smoothly. The contraction time must be equal to the half of the time the rest time, you can get it for 5 seconds and relax for 10 seconds, for example.

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The posture of the bridge is another exercise great to strengthen pelvic floor at home and for practice, it is necessary to begin by lying down on his back. And then, one bends the knees and places his feet on the ground, spread apart the width of the hips. The arms should be on each side of the body with the heels stretched. Once properly installed, it begins by pushing on the front of the feet, on the side of the big toe, while stretching the spine by the tailbone and lifting the hips. It is important to contract the perineum while breathing slowly. After the climb, it is necessary to descend very slowly down his spine.

The posture of the boat is also a good exercise to re-educate their pelvic floor. For the practice, one starts by sitting on a mat, knees bent and feet flat. The palms of the hands must be looking up, arms outstretched to the horizontal, with the hands next to the knees. Then, it is necessary to lean back with the torso at 45° relative to the ground, lift the feet slowly, legs extended in a ” V ” shape. Finally, it opens the chest by contracting the abdominal muscles and keep the posture for a few seconds.

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The devices of rehabilitation of the perineum

There are several devices of electrostimulation and accessories effective to retrain her pelvic floor. The devices of electrostimulation emit electrical impulses through probes and vaginal in women and anal in men to develop muscles of the pelvic floor. The muscles respond to electrical impulses by contracting and relaxing, which tightens the perineum. As a device to develop muscles of the perineum, we find the devices TENSCARE.