How to organize a nursing conference

Meetings, conferences, training and continuing education are part of our everyday life as a health and Nurses. The development and maintenance of own professional expertise are Central requirements to a caregiver today. But exactly how these events run, I didn’t know before. Then I was allowed to be active in it, as my clinic for the first Time, a Symposium organized. We – the organization team had their hands full.

“Nothing is as old as the newspaper from the day before” – so is it also with the expertise. Things which yesterday were still up to date and correct, today may look quite different. Nursing research and medical development always bring new insights. As in all areas of life, the time has not come. For the various departments of a large Pool of events is available here. Care conferences, professional days and seminars.

Symposium for intensive care

In the past year, my clinic, the Asklepios Klinik Barmbek decided to organize for the first Time , a Symposium. We discussed at the time, a completely different topic, when suddenly this little idea in the room. We don’t want to organize a conference for intensive care? I think none of the Parties was at the time clear what this meant in practice…

From today’s perspective, it is impressive, how many hours of work went into the Organisation of this event, how many different people were involved, and to clarify as many things were. Hours we spent with the coordination of the program and the selection of suitable lecturers.

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What’s on the Agenda?

What issues are currently, what are the upcoming challenges in the field of intensive care? Who do we want to address with our Symposium? How do we reach these people?

Also, the manufacturers of many medical products and devices should get the opportunity to use their new products and processes. Without these tools, our work would be in the intensive care units is not possible.

By nurses for nurses

It was incredibly stressful and exhausting, this little idea into reality. But it was worth it. In February, 2017 of the first Barmbeker took place in intensive care day. A full success. We got a lot of positive feedback from the participants and the exhibitors. Exciting topics were presented and we were given the opportunity to present our work and our stations.

By nurses for nurses – this was us at the time of the organization is important. I still remember, how we, the organizers and lecturers, and in the evening together in a Restaurant, sat and successful day.. Months of planning lay behind all of us. Especially the last two days before the Congress, fed, once again, an incredible energy. But we had done it!

New edition in 2018 in planning

What is the name of it now but in football? After the game is before the game! In the year 2018, there should be a intense day! Even now, the plans are in full swing. Again, we want to be rich, a great, educational and exciting day. With a lot of interesting, perhaps even controversial topics. Maybe we’ll see you there? I would be happy.

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Photo: Marc Alexander Noll