How to create their firm of independent nurse

It is important to know that the profession ofnursing liberal is subject to strict regulation. As such, it is imperative to adhere to the letter of certain administrative and legal procedures to be able to own and work in your own office medical professional caregiver ” free “. That said, you can use any of the charters of corporations so-called traditional ones or those of the more characterized as the professional civil society(SCP), civil society means (SCM) or d’exercice libéral (SEL).

What do you need to do before being able to practice your profession in nursing liberal

Before the creation of your firm, you need to hold the State diploma nurse, French or european, and to have acquired the knowledge required to work in this specific medical sector pertaining. The experience required is around 3200 hours of practice, spread over 1 year for the past 6 years.

This may have been done in a hospital setting, doctor’s office, or even within an institution. The installation of the future local care is in general parcellée in the sectors, listing the towns that are either ” very equipped “or” under offer “.

If your choice falls on a common ” highly endowed “it is the primary sickness insurance fund who studies part of your project, with as an essential condition for the one that you garantissiez to take over a firm already existing to replace the health care professional who ceases its activity. This is called a request for recognition.

What are the other requirements to open your medical practice

Among other conditions to be fulfilled to complete your application, you must be the owner or lessee of a technical place that is intended only for this health profession. Then, in the context of your business, it is imperative to ensure that your patients receive excellent reception, their provide the best treatment and provide quality services so that your customers feel perfectly safe in your cabinet.

Administrative Point of view, the first steps to take are:

  • your registration to the ordre National des infirmiers (ONI),
  • the homologation of your degree of the State from the regional agency of health (ARS)in the months after your entry function,
  • the compulsory registration at the local social security place of work in order to receive your card of the health professional, essential to be able to perform the transmission slips of illness of your patients
  • the transmission of your certificate of exercise in the centre for business formalities or the URSSAF,
  • your membership in the organization of old-age insurance for ancillary medical, and professional liability insurance.