How to become a geriatric nurse?

Wie kann man Altenpfleger werden?I’ve written often in this Blog about the nursing major Junior has problems. In the next few years will be for the expected care of a lot of too little demand for skilled labor is simply not available. Therefore, I would like to summarize here in this article, the possibilities, how to become a geriatric nurse and a geriatric nurse.

The training to become a geriatric nurse will take a full-time 3 years, and can also be part-time (duration: up to 5 years) to complete. Anyone who has already had a career and/or to Orient, can get involved in a retraining in the profession. The training content and the duration are equal to the regular training. In both cases, the training takes place at vocational schools for nurses. Trainees must pay in some States, school fee (ca 100 € per month). Trainees may receive financial support from the Agency. For trainees financial support in the Form of student grants or vocational training allowance.

What is the education qualification you must have to be able to a training to be a nurse to begin?

The entry requirement for the profession of the old nurse, the old nurse for a medium of education. An Interested has a primary school degree and has at the same time at least two years of successfully completed training, he or she can learn the profession of old carer/the nurse. A further possibility to meet the necessary requirement is to sit the examination for geriatric nurse assistants. The examination can take who has completed the required one-year training to become a geriatric nurse assistants. Graduates who have achieved at least the grade of 2.5, be able to begin training to become a specialist.

What personal characteristics should professional interested in?

Of course there are no mandatory requirements, but some of the Soft Skills contribute to the profession again and again for your work and delight can make motivate. First and foremost, applicants should bring fun and joy in dealing with people. Some interest in biology, medicine, sports and psychology won’t hurt. A self-employed and responsible way of working is an advantage. These things you learn but also in their daily work. The profession of the old nurse the old nurse, even on weekends and late in the evening hours or at night. This requires a high degree of labour flexibility. In addition, the work is depending on the location physically exhausting – a good physical Constitution helps in performing the tasks. Like you can mention in the comments for additional features, which make the job easier.

What tasks does the altenpfege expert?

Nurses and nurses for the care of needy people. They plan and document the care process, including medical and therapeutic measures. This includes help in the things of daily life, for example in body hygiene, eating and Drinking. Due to the strong increase in the number of dementia patients is it for carers for the elderly is becoming more important with the special needs of this group of patients to know about and to be able to serve you. Severely ill patients are palliative cared for, sometimes death is assumed to be accompanied.

What training opportunities are there?

Trained geriatric nurses have many opportunities, within their professional training and to develop new professional perspectives. Who Mature about a General high school or technical College entrance qualification, you can study in connection to the training of nursing science or nursing education, to take over the management of the care service, or in a nursing school. Made possible by a combination of training and higher education for trainees. Who would like to work in the management level, can complete the vocational training “specialist for management of a care and a functional unit”. In addition to these advancement also training developments are of course offered, with which care professionals for specific jobs and to qualify, for example, in the field of geriatric psychiatry, or health promotion.

Conclusion: this is a Challenging and varied career

The profession of the old Keeper is very crisis – not least the Ageing of our society ensures that the need for geriatric nurses is increasing steadily. The demand for trained nurses is immense, as a glance at the database reveals to The earning opportunities are very different and strongly depend on in which Federal state and at which the employer of the carer. Experience and qualifications are also crucial for the height of the content. On average, a full-time employee geriatric nurse earns approximately 25 000 EUR per year, in addition to flat rates for weekend and night services. Part-time Employees, a correspondingly lower salary. Some employers contribute to travel costs, to accept a certain number of training courses per year or guarantee periods of salary increases within a certain time.

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