How to anticipate a bad back ? Good practice

The back pain can come from a variety of reasons, even if it is related to the origin organ of the human body. That said, if the concern pathological emanates from the area of the muscle, one can attempt to address the problem and ensure of taking care of his body by practicing regularly a few small exercises to maintain.

What is the first practice to exercise daily to avoid backache

In a first step, these are the extensions that can help us to push the more far as possible the aches and pains of the back, whether they be cervical, lumbar…

Everyone knows that long periods of sitting can cause them to quickly of back pain, especially if we are not athletes. The stretch we are talking about is called “stretch classic Cobra” and it contributes greatly to protect us from the pathologies related to the back.

In addition, if we repeat every day, we are protected against a variety of painful disorders, that each of us prefer not to know.

The lengthening of the “Cobra” is to expand on a gym mat or yoga, we put it on the belly, and then, in helping us in our hands, we raise our torso as many times as we can, but especially without getting hurt. We can also position ourselves to four-legged and bow-to oust our backs many times, without effort exaggerated.

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Our arms and our legs must remain stationary during the exercise. We also have the practice to stay on the back holding our legs bent, trying to solder them to our bust, and remaining thus for a few moments. So that’s an overview of some of the movements to accomplish in us, in order to stay ahead of our back pain, either at the top or bottom.

Is there other advice for the people who do not like the gymnastic exercises

Yes there are other solutions to strengthen our back muscles and prevent pain from getting. These are simple instructions. For example, if we feel a twitch in the lower back or the neck, one can simply immerse in a water bath at the right temperature and no more than 20 minutes. When we sit down in the sofa or chair, we need to think of installing a cushion to provide proper support to our back and adopt a good position for do not over-stretch the vertebrae.

Another way to relieve the back is by passing the vacuum cleaner : first of all, we recommend that you choose a vacuum cleaner that is adapted to your situation and carefully adjust the height of your broom adjustable in order to make a minimum of effort at the level of the hip in the hip. Make a step forward, and bend your opposite leg to the arm that grabs your sleeve and repeat the action a dozen times with breaks of 10 minutes.

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You can swim in the pool because it is a perfect remedy to relax and perform a few exercises, alleviated in the aquatic environment. It must be admitted that excess weight is harmful for the spine and for this, it is necessary to eat balanced and do the exercises recommended. To fold, the best is to lie down on one side, raise and bend the knees to a correct position. The bedding is of fundamental importance to anticipate back problems. When that you are getting older, it is necessary to take more calcium and vitamin D.