How much is Wake Tech per credit hour?

How much is Wake Tech per credit hour?


In-State: $76 per credit hour x 72 credit hours= $5,472*
Out-of-State: $268 per credit hour x 72 credit hours= $19,296*
Non-Nursing: $400 – $500 (estimate)
Nursing: $1300 -1400 (estimate)

What GPA do u need to get into Wake Tech?


When should I apply to Wake Tech?

F-1 Application Deadlines

Applicant Fall Semester Spring Semester
Applying Outside U.S. April 15th September 15th
Transfer Active I-20 July 15th December 1st
Check-In Time – Applying Outside U.S. Middle of July Middle of November

Does Wake Tech have an application fee?

Wake Technical Community College does not charge application fees, with the exception of a $40.00 application fee for International Students.

Where do I send my transcripts to Durham Tech?

Submit official transcripts. Lawson St., Durham, NC, 27703-5023, or email electronic transcripts through an approved transcript service such as ACT, CFNC, College Board, Joint Services Transcripts, National Student Clearinghouse, Parchment, ScribOnline and Script-Safe to [email protected] .

How do I apply for Durham Tech?

To register for your courses at Durham Tech, we use a system called Self-Service. To access Self-Service, start at the Durham Tech home page at at From the home page, you will take the pointer and click on the link at the top of the screen that says Current Students.

What is my Durham Tech username?

What’s my Username? Your Durham Tech User Name is the first 15 characters of your last name + your first initial + the last 4 digits of your student id number. User names do not contain spaces, hyphens, or other special characters.

How do I find my Durham Tech student ID?

  1. If you’re a current credit student, you can find your Durham Tech ID number on your Student ID card or your class schedule sheet.
  2. If you are a prospective credit student, you can find your Durham Tech ID number on your emailed Welcome Letter.

How many students does Durham Tech have?


Does Durham Tech offer summer classes?

Summer Term 2021 Credit Courses.

What is a course selection guide?

This Guide offers a description of the courses to help you personalize your plan toward graduation and career choice. In addition to the explanation of the course, other important information including grade placement, prerequisites, and fees are provided.

What is a core course?

Also called core curriculum, core course of study refers to a series or selection of courses that all students are required to complete before they can move on to the next level in their education or earn a diploma. Credits are awarded when students complete a course with a passing grade.

How many credits do you need for computer science?