How much is Harvard Westlake tuition?

How much is Harvard Westlake tuition?

Tuition and Fees for 2021-2022

Tuition $42,600
New Student Fee $2,000
Bus Service (optional) $2,550-2,750*
Other Estimated Costs $2,500-$3,500**

Is it hard to get into Harvard-Westlake?

Admission to Harvard-Westlake is competitive. We strongly recommend that you apply to another school where your child will be happy should he or she not be admitted to Harvard-Westlake.

Is Harvard-Westlake a hard school?

Harvard-Westlake becomes very difficult starting sophomore year and one of the classes that has taught me the most was my World and Europe II class. This history class, which was essentially an AP European History course (but more difficult), is a notoriously hard class for sophomores.

What rank is Harvard-Westlake?

Louis (50), Yale (22). For the 2019–2020 school year, Niche ranked Harvard-Westlake the best private high school in Los Angeles, the 2nd best private high school in California, and the 6th best private school in the United States.

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What is the Harvard-Westlake acceptance rate?

The average acceptance rate in California is 84% (read more about average acceptance rates across the country).

Is Harvard-Westlake a feeder school?

Here are the top private elementary schools that serve as “feeders” to Harvard-Westlake: Carlthorp, Santa Monica. Curtis School, Bel Air. The Center For Early Education, West Hollywood*

What schools feed into Harvard Westlake?

The Big 6 Private Elementary Feeder Schools To Harvard- Westlake

  • Carlthorp, Santa Monica.
  • Curtis School, Bel Air.
  • The Center For Early Education, West Hollywood*
  • John Thomas Dye, Bel Air.
  • Mirman School For The Gifted, Mulholland.
  • Laurence School, Valley Glen.

What is the Harvard Westlake mission statement?

OUR MISSION STATEMENT the joyful pursuit of educational excellence, living and learning with integrity, and purpose beyond ourselves.

How many private schools are there in Los Angeles?

For the 2021 school year, there are 249 top private schools in Los Angeles, California, serving 45,368 students. The average private school tuition is $11,913 for elementary schools and $20,825 for high schools (view national tuition averages).

What are the best private schools in LA?

  • Harvard-Westlake School. Private School. Los Angeles, CA.
  • Flintridge Preparatory School. Private School. La Canada Flintridge, CA.
  • Polytechnic School. Private School.
  • Marlborough School. Private School.
  • Westridge School. Private School.
  • Windward School. Private School.
  • Sage Hill School. Private School.
  • Chadwick School. Private School.
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What is the most expensive high school in Los Angeles?

Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools