How much income do you need for a family of 4?

How much income do you need for a family of 4?

According to a recent Gallup survey, most American families believe a family of four would need at least $58,000 per year to “get by” in their communities. That’s more than the median household income, which came in at $55,775 a year in 2015.

What part of LA do most celebrities live?

Beverly Hills

Where do the super rich live in Los Angeles?

Beverly Hills Flats is considered one of the most affluent areas in L.A. and largely consists of luxury family homes, sprawling estates, and mansions. With incredible weather and unbeatable views of the Pacific Ocean, it’s easy to see why Malibu is a coveted (and expensive) place to live.

Is Bel Air more expensive than Beverly Hills?

From Brentwood to Bel Air, Beverly Hills and Holmby Hills, these are the most expensive neighbourhoods in Los Angeles. Bel Air is easily one of Los Angeles’ most expensive neighborhoods. Bel Air also features huge mansions with large properties that set the tone for high end real estate in the city.

Who owns the most expensive house in Bel Air?

Nile Niami

How much do you need to make to live in Bel Air?

The Table Below Displays All Two-Bedroom Median Asking Rents

Neighborhood Two-bedroom Median Rent Income Required
Bel Air-Beverly Crest $5,500.00 $220,000
Central Malibu $5,500.00 $220,000
Western Malibu $5,500.00 $220,000
Pacific Palisades $5,275.00 $211,000

Can you walk around Bel Air?

For many travelers, however, visiting this place, Bel Air is a little disappointing. The area is not very attractive place to walk because there are no sidewalks. Even if you walk around the neighborhood of Bel Air, the likelihood to see a celebrity is almost nonexistent.