How much does it cost to renew your PTA license in Ohio?

How much does it cost to renew your PTA license in Ohio?

Renewal Fees

OT/OTA Renewal $70
OT/OTA Escrow Renewal $20
PT/PTA Renewal $70
AT Renewal $70
OPP Renewal $70

How much does an Aota membership cost?

The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) is our professional organization. Its aim is to improve the quality of OT, and represent the interests of OT professionals and students in the US. Annual dues are $225/year (OT) and $131/year (OTA), and you can pay monthly, which amortizes the costs.

How much is APTA membership?

CPTA membership is only $1.47 per day for a PT and $0.94 per day for a PTA (based on $540 for PT and $346 for PTA). This is a small price to pay to ensure you can continue to practice physical therapy on a daily basis. When you join you’ll support critical efforts to protect the interests of our entire profession.

Why should I be a member of Aota?

Discounts on CEUs, Books, and Conferences Honestly, depending on how much money you spend on professional development, AOTA membership might save you money. Beyond that, AOTA members also get discounts on continuing ed courses or books offered on the AOTA store.

What is Aota membership?

Why Join AOTA You are a dedicated occupational therapy professional whose knowledge, skills, and creativity empower clients to participate in everyday living. Your membership amplifies your voice in the profession, as AOTA champions the vital contributions that occupational therapy makes to society every day.

Is Aotf part of Aota?

These workshops bring together researchers to plan future studies in the field. In 2016, the AOTA and AOTF joined forces to include the Summer Institute of Future Scientists in OT as a pre-conference event to the OT Summit of Scholars to ignite interest in potential future researchers.

Where can I find my Aota membership card?

You can print a copy of your membership card online. Login with your user name and password and select “View/Print Membership Card.”